Pigeons eat insects in their food

Everything about pigeons

The pigeons (Columbidae) are a big family. There are over 300 species of pigeons worldwide, of various sizes. Their plumage is very variable. There are, for example, piebald, white, gray, beige and black pigeons. There are wild pigeons and bred pigeons in freedom and in captivity. Here you will find many answers to your questions. How often do pigeons breed, how old and how big are pigeons or what do pigeons eat. You will find a lot of information here for your profile. Pigeons are also bred with pleasure. Every pigeon fancier wants to own the fastest and most beautiful breed pigeon. Every year there are numerous competitions to find out who has the fastest and most beautiful pedigree of the year. There are numerous wild pigeons in the most varied of habitats around the world. What do pigeons look like? I will show you pictures to look and determine.

All about pigeons - pictures of how different pigeons look

Appearance of pigeon species

As you can see in the first picture, the pigeons look very different in their plumage. There are white, black, blue-gray and piebald pigeons. I'll show you a lot of pictures about the look.

All about pigeons - appearance of pigeon species

I am often asked the following questions, such as where do pigeons breed, what do the eggs look like, how fast can pigeons fly, can pigeons swim, what do pigeons eat, are pigeons migratory birds, what do pigeons do in winter and much more. Now to the answers: Pigeons breed e.g. in trees, on buildings, on balconies, under bridges and in church towers. The pigeon eggs look white. Speed: how fast can pigeons fly? Pigeons can go up to 120 km / h. Pigeons can swim. Most pigeons eat seeds, fruits, berries, worms and insects. Many species of pigeon are migratory birds. In winter you can see many pigeons looking for food at the feeding stations in gardens and parks.

Everything about pigeons - white eggs, pigeon nest, pigeons in winter, bird migration

Pigeons roost and breeding place

Pigeons are very sociable birds, they breed together in buildings, in the dovecote and under bridges. Pigeons fly together, they eat together, they sleep together at night and they also bathe together. In addition some pictures.

Pigeons: Everything about pigeons - sleeping place, flight picture, swimming

Habitat of the pigeons

Pigeons have a wide variety of habitats. They inhabit all kinds of forests, cultural landscapes, parks, cemeteries, villages and cities.

Pictures: Everything about pigeons - pigeons have different habitats

Pigeons mating and breeding behavior

Most pigeons are sexually mature after just 6 months. Pigeons court and mate all year round. Many pigeon species worldwide have 3-5 broods over the year. Most broods take place between March and August. Pigeons usually lay 2 white eggs. The incubation period is often 14 days. Males and females take turns breeding. The young birds are among the nestlings. The nestling period is 14-20 days, depending on the species. The young pigeons are provided with food by the male and female. After flying out, the young birds are fed for a short time.
Further information and pictures about pigeons on the tit dumplings, pigeon breeding grounds, pigeon eggs, young birds and pigeon breeding at:

Pigeons: pictures of pigeons mating and breeding behavior

Food of the pigeons

What do pigeons eat? The diet of the pigeons consists of seeds, fruits, berries, shoots, buds, insects, worms and larvae. Most pigeons are grain eaters. They eat corn, grain and wild seeds.

Everything about pigeons - what do pigeons eat - seeds, corn, berries, fruits

Enemies of pigeons

Yes, pigeons have enemies too. The human is at the top of the list. City pigeons are still being poisoned because their droppings wreak havoc on buildings and spread disease. Pigeons are shot down and their eggs stolen from their nests. Their natural enemies include, for example, the weather, parasites, the hawk, the sparrowhawk, the eagle owl, the corvids, the marten and the weasel.

Everything about pigeons - pictures of enemies of the pigeons

Pigeons wanted poster

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Wedding doves at the wedding ceremony

Why do so many wedding couples order white doves in Hamburg? Weddings are big business these days. Everyone wants to outdo the other. It's about profit again, nobody wants to know how the pigeons are doing. The pigeons have their own wedding and do not want to be disturbed. You can see how things go at a pigeon wedding in the next pictures.
Let the pigeons be pigeons and don't abuse them to shine in front of other people. Remember, there are living things too, and that should not be forgotten.

Pictures of everything about pigeons - wedding doves at the wedding ceremony

My pigeon page is very popular for projects in kindergarten, district school, high school, university and school for lectures in biology, in zoology, in specialist classes, for species profiles, for worksheets and for presentations in biology classes. Here you will find everything for your profile template (elementary school, secondary school, high school) about birds. There are extra bird pages for preschool and elementary school, e.g. with chick pictures, with bird portraits or bird pictures for learning. If you want to know something about the subject of birds, visit my pages: What do birds and intelligent crows know.

Difference pigeons males females

Here you can see the difference between male pigeons and female pigeons. The difference in size can be clearly seen in pigeons. You can find more information about the difference between pigeons, such as size, weight and age on my page: Pigeon profiles.

Picture of the difference between male and female pigeons

Dovecote at Hamburg Central Station

Pigeon defense: Cities build pigeon lofts to fight city pigeons. In the pigeon loft, the pigeons are fed with species-appropriate food and the pigeon eggs are exchanged for gib eggs. So the pigeons are reduced in a humane way. In Hamburg you can see a dovecote at the main train station.
Remember, feeding wild pigeons is forbidden. Now a few pictures of the dovecote at the main train station in Hamburg.

Image of the dovecote / dovecote at Hamburg Central Station
Pictures of the dovecote at Hamburg Central Station

Pictures of my observations

Pictures: Everything about pigeons - appearance, swimming, pigeon head, beak

We have had our most beautiful bird observations in Europe in Iceland, in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark), in Holland, in England, in Poland, in Austria, in Switzerland, in Belgium, in Ireland, in Italy, in France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Germany in Berlin, in Hamburg on the Elbe, in Bremen, in North Rhine-Westphalia, in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, in Saarland, in Rhineland-Palatinate, in Bavaria, in Hesse, in Schleswig- Holstein, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Lewitz), in Thuringia, in Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and in Lower Saxony.

Observations, photographs, bird pictures and author: Gerhard Brodowski Hamburg

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