What is meant by a flowchart

Convert a text into a graph

For presentations, lectures or articles in newspapers and reports on television, information from a factual text is often displayed as graphs.

Graphs can Diagrams be (column, bar, or pie chart) and illustrate distributions.

They can also be saved as Sketches or Flow charts Clarify procedures and processes.

On the following pages you will learn what the various diagrams look like and how you can convert information text into a diagram.

Choose the right shape

In order to present a factual text in a diagram or diagram, you must first decide on a suitable form of the diagram.

For example, if you want to show how many people voted for a certain thing and state this in percent, it is a good idea to pie chart as this indicates how many proportions of the big picture a single category has reached.

To illustrate a distribution where multiple choices are possible, for example, if you want to name the three most popular leisure activities, you better use a Bar or column chart

If there were many different answers to choose from, this is suitable bar graphbetter if there are fewer than 6 choices this is bar chart more vivid.

There are also graphs showing an increase or decrease. These are often used in business. For example, to indicate profit or success.
Such diagrams are called Curve diagram.

Forms for processes and procedures

In order to show procedures and processes, you have to choose other diagrams.

For processes that can be described with key words, this is, for example flow chart well suited.

To show the connections between people / figures, it is best to work with lines / arrows and / or symbols.
Such a diagram is called Figure constellation.

Processes that are represented with pictures, sketches and drawings represent a special group. Here they basically explain Sketches already how something is going. In addition, bullet points describe what exactly happens at which point in the process.

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Convert a text into a graph

After you have decided on the appropriate diagram, you must enter the factual text for the diagram Mark or write out important informationin order to be able to represent them later in a graphic form.

Besides, you should title select for the graph. Label the individual parts of the diagram and place one Legend in which you explain further structural features (colors, categories) and the Reference values (Who was interviewed? How many?) Describes.

A Legend with the explanation of the symbols is also important for the representation of the figure / person constellation.

Also belong with diagrams Date and source, i.e. when and by whom the survey or survey was carried out.

Checklist for converting a text into a diagram

  • I understood the factual text.
  • I thought about which data or which process I would like to show in a diagram.
  • I have selected a suitable shape (diagram, sketch, etc.).
  • I have marked or written out the information relevant to the diagram.
  • I have presented the information in a diagram.
  • I have made a legend for the diagram.
  • I have noted the source and the date on the edge of the diagram.