How are logos used in advertising

by lawyer Sascha Hellmich
As an example: The customer wants to repair the display of his iPhone 6 smartphone, he clicks on the navigation, the category Apple "Apple is written here as a word and not logo "then all Apple devices are displayed. ... We used that logo in itself neither on our flyers or website. Is the use prohibited from the photos showing the product, or may we use this for better illustration?
by lawyer Jan Wilking
I offer these goods with my own pictures on the internet and I would also like to do that logo display / use of the respective trademark holder. If this is permitted, the trademark holder can send me the use his Logos forbid or threaten me with a warning if I do the Logos use without express permission?
by lawyer Dr. Danjel-Philippe Newerla
Of course, it is inevitable that in the videos logo of the respective company as well as the product design can be seen.
by lawyer Dr. Danjel-Philippe Newerla
In connection with the preparation of a business proposal to a company, I intend to use their own brand names and logo in the presentation / doctoral documents & lpar; small brochure & rpar; built in to better visualize the topic.
by lawyer Dr. Aljoscha Winkelmann
We would like our companylogo to be protected as a trademark. The logo consists of a picture, the company name and a slogan. Our question about this: What is then in that logo protected?
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by attorney Sonja Stadler
For this would be the use The company logos are extremely helpful, as the customer would clearly understand the bundling of services as quickly as possible. ... Is the use the company logos legitimate in this case?
Customers keep coming to us, the specific ones Logos, e.g. from Ferrari, would like to have us plot them. ... We don't sell him either logobut the foil and the service of plotting.
by lawyer Marko Setzer
I would understand the "ยง 24 exhaustion" that I found as follows: If a manufacturer & lpar; e.g. exemplarily the company Intel & rpar; puts a component on the market e.g. an i7 processor & rpar; and it is built into one of my advertised PC systems, I am allowed to do so logo the company Intel & lpar; or. the logo of the i7 processor & rpar; use here.
by lawyer Lars Liedtke
Therefore we would like to have a logo design on which the names of the partners and the following slogans are written: THIS & THAT ... there's something for everyone.
by lawyer Christian Mauritz
The following question: Can he do that? logo from the movie poster, if not, then only use the title?
by lawyer Elmar Dolscius
In the course of the completion of our online shop, we have two questions regarding the use of brand names and brand logos whose products we sell online as a wholesaler. 1. May we Logos display the brands offered in your own online shop and link them to the corresponding product category?
It would already be enough to display the source on the bottom right of the picture and the Logos make the brands unrecognizable?
by lawyer Christian Mauritz
We also use the name of the homepage as logo on our advertising Etc.
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by attorney Sonja Stadler
He designs one logo and a lettering for his company and begins to create an HP. ... How many clicks a logo makes, a certain lettering and text, etc. ... All these decisions, he wants from the generated clicks in the advertising make them dependent.

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