Where can I get a corgi puppy

Breeder list

Dear prospective puppy,

Here you will find an overview of the Pembroke kennels located in Germany, which are affiliated with the Club for British Sheepdogs and in which breeding takes place according to the rules of the VDH and CfBrH. Please note that this list of breeders is not complete, as the entry in this list is made on a voluntary basis.

Association breeders pursue the goal of breeding dogs according to the relevant FCI breed standard. They follow the statutes of the race-caring association, train regularly and submit to the control of a breed warden appointed by the club with each litter.

With the decision to buy a puppy from VDH breeding, you are counteracting the illegal puppy trade as well as the indiscriminate and, in some cases, anti-welfare breeding of dogs. You will receive a dog from parent animals that meet the breed standard, have been subjected to several health tests and whose suitability for breeding has been checked and confirmed.

For all breeders listed here there is a link to the homepage of the respective kennel, where you can find further information and contact options.

We wish you every success in your search for your Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppy from the breeder you trust.


Breeder: Gloria Kiy

Region: Schleswig-Holstein

from Old Tom

Breeder: Jolanta Vogt

Region: Brandenburg