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That's the Knife shop for hunters, knife collectors, security agencies, sport shooters and knife collectors. Here you can order exclusive knives from Solingen, hunting knives and collector knives, such as annual knives or special Bowie knives. But our knife shop also offers a large selection of utility knives and robust outdoor knives for everyday use. Military knives, combat knives, combat knives, rescue knives and switchblades complete the range. You can get your Buy knives and also conveniently order on account. For urgent orders, e.g. because you would like to have a knife delivered as a gift, we offer our 24-hour delivery service. In our knife shop it is also possible to buy in installments.

High quality pocket knife

In the Frankonia knife shop you can find high-quality pocket knife buy a large selection online. Among them are of course those Swiss Army knife, also known as the "Swiss Army Knife". These pocket knives are popular for outdoor, hiking and camping. Originally intended for survival in the army, it is now often used as an everyday knife. In addition to the main blade, Swiss knives usually offer other tools that can be folded out: a small additional knife, a small (wood) saw, sometimes a corkscrew or bottle opener. The equipment often also includes can openers, screwdrivers and screwdrivers. A toothpick and tweezers are partly integrated. Depending on the requirements, weight can also play a role, which is why more tools do not necessarily have to be better. You can recognize the Swiss Army Knives by the Swiss cross on the handle scales. The red plastic handle scales with the typical logo are widely known. Swiss knives are very robust and, like every utility knife, have to be sharpened from time to time. You can find suitable knife sharpeners in our accessories shop.

Wenger knife

Our range of knives also includes Wenger Swisssuch as the Wenger Swiss New Ranger "Hunter" with one-hand operation, the "EvoWood 17" with walnut shells. Or the Wenger NewRanger model 74 one-hand knife with 13 functions and the patented safety lock, which only releases the knife after you press the Swiss cross. If fast delivery is important for your knife order, please check the availability status of the respective article.

Victorinox knife

We also have several Swiss Army Knives from Victorinox. Victorinox knives are high-quality pocket knives that can also be recognized by the Swiss cross. These include the original Swiss officer's knife or the Victorinox hunting knife with around 15 functions. The Swiss Army knife with one-hand function and lockable cutting blade is intended for military use. You can also read our customer reviews, which can help you with online purchases.

Frankonia hunting knives and outdoor knives

The Frankonia knife shop offers you exclusive traditional hunting knives. Hunter knives with engraving are popular as gifts for birthdays or Christmas. Such hunting knives can often be recognized by the handle scales made of stag horn. Hunters need high quality knives and blades made from high-performance steel. Every sturdy knife is suitable for working in the forest and when working on game that has been shot. Thus, the purpose of the Outdoor knife often very similar. Hunting knives can be fixed knives or folding knives. Depending on the design and length of the blade, a leather belt sheath is recommended. A stable construction and non-slip handles are important for hunting. A hunting knife should ideally be suitable for several tasks (e.g. breaking open, catching). Some hunters prefer all-purpose knives, such as the Victorinox hunting knife, which is available in a green pocket knife look. Other hunters preferred to separate the functions. The woad leaf is a heavy hunting knife with a relatively long blade. The Jagdnicker (Nicker) is a hunting knife that is primarily used to kill (nod) game by stabbing the neck. The Skinner knife is used to skin the hunted game. Due to its sturdy construction, the Bowie knife is also ideally suited for hunting. The high-quality knives from Solingen are also popular as hunting knives, such as the Herbertz belt knife with Damascus blade or the Herbertz Jagdnicker with root wood shells.

Exclusive collector's knives

Collectors do not buy knives because of their cutting function, but rather are fascinated by the different forms of knives and their history. Whether one-hand knife, folding knife, fixed knife, outdoor knife or damask knife - each type of knife has individual charms due to its historical context. If collecting knives is a pronounced hobby, sharpening and caring for it are also part of it. But knife accessories such as a high-quality belt sheath or certain engravings are also hallmarks of exclusivity. In the Frankonia knife shop you will find a large selection of exclusive collector knives.

Bowie knife for hunting and outdoor

Bowie knife, or also Bowie knife, are sturdy knives, which by their origin can be used as field knives, hunting knives and also as combat knives. They can also be called outdoor knives and survival knives. The Bowie knives usually have a blade length in the range of 15 cm to 30 cm. They have a single-edged blade and typically a curved tip. This blade tip is known as a bowie, duckbill, or pandur tip. To protect hands and to ward off opposing knives, a relatively large guard is incorporated between the blade and the handle. In the Frankonia knife shop you can buy first-class processed Bowie knives from Böker, Parforce or Herbertz Solingen. The handle scales are made of stag horn, muffle horn, buffalo horn, pakka wood, walnut wood or maple. A high-quality leather sheath is also supplied. Depending on the model, the knife is available as a gift box.

Brand selection at Frankonia: Knives from well-known manufacturers

At Frankonia you can order high-quality knives from well-known manufacturers and knife specialists. For example, choose one of the high-quality knives from Böker, Parforce, Wald & Forst, Weidmannsheil, EKA, Marttiini, Buck Knives, Diefenthal, Magnum by Böker or Outdoor Edge from our range of hunting knives. For outdoor and hunting, our outdoor knives, camp knives and survival knives from mora, Gerber, Walther and Böker Plus are recommended. We offer the compact pocket knives from Victorinox, Wenger Swiss, Böker, Diefenthal, Böker Plus, Walther and many other well-known manufacturers. The belt knife, with a belt sheath for practical attachment to the belt, can be bought from Herbertz, Helle or Puma Tec, for example. You can order the popular Bowie knives from Davide Pedersoli, Parforce or Herbertz. In our knife shop you will also find high-quality Solingen knives, e.g. from Herbertz. For children, Frankonia offers blunt children's knives, e.g. from Opinel, and children's pocket knives for carving with a saw. Frankonia wishes you a lot of fun browsing our Knife shop. In addition to our online shop, you can also use our branches in Germany. Our experts will be pleased to advise you.

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