What is volunteering abroad

Volunteering abroad

What should you consider when choosing your volunteer project?

Most likely, you already have a target country or project area in mind that appeals to you in particular. That's half the battle, because first and foremost you should choose a project that interests you. You will only be highly motivated to go to work if you are enthusiastic about what you do.

In addition, think about what your strengths are and whether you have hobbies or skills that you can bring to the project. For example, are you a sports fanatic, do you have a green thumb, do you like to think up creative games or are you very good with animals? Of course, it is all the better if you have already gained initial work experience or knowledge from your studies and take this additional knowledge with you abroad. All of this information will help you and your travel expert find the right volunteer project for you!

In addition to your personal preferences, it is of course also about the organizational key data of your project. Are there age limits, do you need certain language skills or are there physical activities involved in the project?

In general, we also offer short stays of one week or more. These are particularly useful if you are on the intermediate journey and have to bridge some time. Please note, however, that with projects under 4 weeks you often only get a superficial sniff and intensive work is probably not possible. If there is a minimum stay in the project, this usually has to do with the fact that our on-site teams have to train you in first.

Please also note that participation in social projects with children is only possible from 4 weeks, as the children get used to your presence and they should not be constantly torn out of their routine.

Also read carefully what the local conditions are. For example, can you imagine sleeping in a tent right in the project and only taking a cold shower or would you prefer to live in a volunteer house with other participants? It's okay to admit to yourself that you wouldn't be comfortable on a project. Above all, it is important to us that your involvement abroad becomes a unique experience for you and that you can contribute to your project in the best possible way!

You may be wondering why we do not support certain projects or why we are not represented in some countries. It is very important to us that all of our projects are sustainable, comply with child protection guidelines and ensure that all living beings are treated fairly and appropriately. We also make sure that we can offer all of our participants a very high standard of quality and safety. Read more about our corporate values ​​here, according to our vision: "Travel with internship worlds touch the heart and broaden the view of the world."