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Withdraw cash for free in the US? That's how it's done!

Vacation in the USA - accommodation, rental cars, shopping and restaurant visits need to be paid for. In the country of the credit card this is basically not a problem, the card acceptance is generally much greater than with us and a lot of transactions can be processed cashless. But sometimes it doesn't work without cash. The use of credit cards is often not useful, especially for small amounts under twenty dollars.

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Cash in the US - no problem

Getting the cash you need is not a problem in the US. Practically every bank has an Automated Teller Machine - ATM for short. Appropriate devices are also available in supermarkets, malls, airports and many other public places with high levels of public traffic. The network is at least as dense as ours. But if you have to get cash in the US, you want to do it as cheaply as possible. If you know your way around and proceed in a targeted manner, you can even withdraw cash free of charge with the right credit card.

These fees may apply

The most common US card systems are the MasterCard (our Eurocard) and the VISA Card. All machines with the MasterCard or VISA emblem can be used to withdraw cash. Both cards are issued by banks and savings banks, as well as by other providers. Each issuer has its own fee model. Therefore, a closer look is needed to determine what costs actually arise in connection with US cash withdrawals. The following fees must be taken into account:

  • Card fee: many exhibitors charge an annual basic fee for the card. There are different models for this. The basic fee is sometimes waived if a current account is opened or exists at the respective institute at the same time. There may be extra costs associated with the current account.
  • Foreign transaction fee: here, too, there are many differentiations. Many exhibitors do not charge any fees for cash withdrawals abroad, provided they are made in euros. For withdrawals in foreign currencies - including US dollars - a special foreign transaction fee is charged. However, there are providers who generally waive the foreign transaction fee.
  • Local fees: most US banks charge fees for ATM use by third-party customers, the usual rate is $ 3 per withdrawal. German card issuers have no influence on this fee. As a rule, it also arises if the German credit card is advertised with free cash withdrawals in the USA.

Card offers with free US cash withdrawals

Possible credit cards for a trip to the USA are shown in the test from Here are a few examples of cards with no US cash withdrawals:

  • DKB Cash with VISA Card: The Deutsche Kreditbank AG card enables free cash withdrawals in the USA, the card has no basic fee, the associated current account is free. Upon request, the DKB will even reimburse the local fees of the US banks - an exceptional service. The downside is: Cashless card transactions abroad incur a fee of 1.75 percent of the turnover.
  • Consorsbank with VISA Card: Neither the current account to be opened nor the card have to be charged with basic fees. Cash withdrawals in the US are free of charge. For each card transaction, a 10 cent bonus up to a maximum of 100 euros per year is credited.
  • Germanwings Gold credit cards, MasterCard and VISA Card: In the first year, no basic card fee is charged, then 49.99 euros per year. Cash withdrawals in the US are free, but there is a cash withdrawal fee at German ATMs. Settlements are made via a card account, no extra current account is required. The Germanwings cards have many additional services relating to travel and insurance.
  • Comdirect with VISA Card: offers free cash withdrawals worldwide, there are no basic fees and no account management fees. As with the DKB, however, turnover-dependent fees (1.5 percent) are charged for cashless card transactions abroad.

Which credit card is chosen should not only be determined by the question of cash withdrawals in the US. As a rule, the card should also be used for other purposes. The question of suitability and costs must therefore be answered in this context.