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M ajencia struggled with financial problems for several years, and over the recent months a liquidator was looking for an investor that would not only recapitalize the company, but also propose a plan for its effective growth. It was not easy to win, as we competed against a French company Mobidecor, ”says Rafał Chwast, Vice-President and Finance Director for the Nowy Styl Group. “We are confident that a capital injection into Majencia’s business, our company’s global scale of operations and our experience in the integration and optimization of business processes will help restore Majencia’s strength. We have been present in France for nearly 20 years, but by taking over Majencia we are going to take number one position in a country which is a major European market, next to Germany, ”said Adam Krzanowski, the President of the Nowy Styl Group. As stated in our offer, we are taking over the assets of the French manufacturer and forming a new operator called Nowy Styl - Majencia, for which we are providing financing that will allow Majencia to return to the position of a market leader. Nowy Styl - Majencia will hire 266 employees from the French company’s former personnel. The new company will also continue to deliver Majencia’s long-term contracts for its key customers in the public and private sectors, including SNCF, EDF, Orange, UGAP, GRDF, French post and a government employment agency Pôle Emploi. “As we carried out due diligence of the company at the tendering stage, we identified areas that we can significantly improve, given the scale of operations and expertise of our company. What I mean here is Nowy Styl Group’s wide and dynamically expanded range of products, which can be an attractive complement to Majencia’s range, ”says Roman Przybylski, Member of the Board and Sales Director for the Nowy Styl Group. The development plan for Majencia also includes improving the efficiency of logistics, organization of production and implementation processes for new products. Many components which were so far purchased from external suppliers will now be sourced by Nowy Styl - Majencia from its own plants, mainly in Poland, at lower prices. Majencia had been struggling with financial problems for a number of years. Over the past few months, the insolvency administrator has been looking for an investor for the company who not only invests with capital, but also presents an efficient and convincing development plan. It was not easy to win because we competed against the French company Mobidecor, among others - says Rafał Chwast, Deputy Chairman of the Board and Finance Director of the Nowy Styl Group. - We believe that the investment and capital injection in Majencia's operations, the global operations of our company and our experience in integrating and optimizing business processes are essential to restoring Majencia's true strength. We have been present in France for almost 20 years. With the takeover of Majencia, we will now also achieve the leading position in a country which, alongside Germany, is the most important European market - explains Adam Krzanowski, CEO of the Nowy Styl Group. According to their offer, the Nowy Styl Group takes over the assets of the French manufacturer and founds a new company: Nowy Styl - Majorca. This company was funded by the group to enable Majencia to return as the market leader. Nowy Styl - Majencia will take on 266 employees from the previous workforce of the French manufacturer. It goes without saying that Majencia's long-term contracts - with its major customers from the public and private sectors - will be continued and fulfilled by the new company. These include, among others, SNCF, EDF, Orange, UGAP, GRDF, the French Post and the state employment agency Pôle Emplois. - During the analysis of the company in the course of the offer process, we identified areas that we - based on the scope and expertise of our own business activities - can significantly improve. I am thinking here, among other things, of the Nowy Styl Group's broad and dynamically developing portfolio, which can successfully complement the Majencia range - says Roman Przybylski, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Nowy Styl Group. The business development plan for Majencia also includes increasing efficiency in the areas of logistics, production and the introduction of new products. Nowy Styl - Majencia will purchase numerous components that previously came from external suppliers from its own factories - mainly from Poland - at a cost-optimized basis. 32 ABOUT US ABOUT US

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