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The Xindi are a people made up of six intelligent, sometimes completely different species, all of which, except for the aquarists, have certain biological similarities. They originally develop on the same home planet - Xindus - which is in the Delphic Expansion. Armed conflicts among each other lead to the destruction of the home planet and a distribution of the individual Xindi species within the expansion. The bird-like species, the so-called avians, was unable to leave their home planet in time and is considered extinct.

In order to avoid another such catastrophe and to forestall another possible extinction of one of the Xindi species, the Xindi Council is established, in which the various species maintain their diplomatic contact and make joint decisions by majority or unanimous decision.

Despite the different genera from which they are descended, all Xindi species share common physiological traits. All species have two elongated and thorny elevations, each including an additional body opening. In addition, all Xindi have a heavily wrinkled forehead.

As a common basic propulsion technology, all spaceships of the Xindi species have a superlight propulsion system, which has a certain similarity to the transwarp channels of the Borg or the subspace corridors, since it works with a subspace vortex. The approach of other ships with such a drive can be registered by waves in the subspace (ENT:Stratagem). At least the ships of the reptilians also have a conventional warp drive (ENT:Rajiin).

In addition, there are major differences in technological progress between species, especially in the military field. Since the insectoids and the reptilians are the far more aggressive species, their ships are more heavily armed. The ships of the other Xindi species are not that heavily stocked, but the aquarists are the most advanced species.

Xindi species Edit source]

On the home planet of the Xindi, Xindus, six different but all intelligent life forms are developing:

History [edit | Edit source]

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Technology [edit | Edit source]

Each of the species has different technologies that they need due to their different living conditions.

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