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What are superheroes all about? Michael from Superheldenkino explains it to us in an interview

Everyone knows a few superheroes, be it Superman, Spiderman, Batman or Catwoman. Behind these big titles, however, there is a much larger universe of other superhero films and, above all, the comics are bursting with diversity and different heroes, some of which have not yet made it onto the big screen. A deeper insight into the world of superheroes can be found at Michael on his page Superhero Cinema. In the interview we learn what is behind the superheroes and where Superman, Batman and Co. actually come from.



How did you get into superhero films, what do you find so fascinating about them?

I loved reading comics as a kid. Starting with the rather shallow Disney classics and then later the Marvel and DC Comics, such as Spider-Man and Batman. That's why I've always had a fondness for cartoons - these days these are more likely to be referred to as animation series. My first superhero film is likely to have been Superman - The 1978 film, which made a huge impression on me as a child.

The main fascination lies in the fact that there are no limits to the imagination in superhero and comic adaptations and that new things are always presented. Of course, the way in which the protagonist got hold of his powers and how he deals with them is always exciting. Superhero films can also always explore the limits of what is technically feasible and present evil to the viewer in a way that may not be possible in other genres.

Which heroes are DC and which are Marvel?

Marvel and DC have a huge portfolio of superheroes from hundreds of superheroes. To list them all would be too much. The most famous Marvel superheroes are likely to be the Avengers for Captain America and Iron Man, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. There are also a number of other superheroes such as Spider-Man, Daredevil and the Inhumans.

In the DC Comics universe you can meet Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, The Flash, Arrow and Wonder Woman.




Who is the oldest character?

If you mean the oldest character from both comic forges, then it's Superman, who made his first appearance in Action Comics # 1 in 1938. If you take a closer look at the subject, you can see that, in principle, Robin Hood and Zorro also have a lot of similarities with today's superheroes. In 1934 the first edition of Mandrake the Magician appeared. Mandrake is a magician and fights with his magical powers, mad scientists and beings from alien dimensions. By the way, Madrake can also be seen in the cartoon Defenders of the Earth (1986).


Which superhero is the strongest?

In principle it could be anyone, because everything can change with every new comic. The strongest superhero right now is Franklin Richards, the son of Mr. Fanstatic and The Invisible Woman from the Fantstic Four. The character is probably not known to the fewest but has twice defeated the devil himself and also created its own universe on the side - hard to top.


Do the superheroes come from today's films from old ideas (e.g. comics) or do the filmmakers always create new ones?

Most of the films are actually based on comic characters. Exceptions like Push, I'm Number Four or Chronicle - What are you capable of? are rather rare. I think it is easier to use a known character and a known universe as a template, as there is already a larger fan base here and superhero films - in terms of production costs - are in a higher league. The film studios don't want to take any great risks here.



How much do superheroes in movies differ from the comic editions?

It's usually much crazier in the comics than on the screen. Because there are often alternative realities in the comics and constantly dead superheroes are resurrected, the comics are also more brutal and it can affect anyone. In the movies it would be unthinkable to let Superman die just to see him rise from the dead in the next movie. The “normal” movie audience ”would probably be a bit overwhelmed with that.


Which superhero series are there?

In the next six months, around ten superhero series will be shown on home screens. In the DC Universe, Arrow and The Flash are currently best, at Marvel Daredevil was able to convince all critics. Of course, we also remember the old series like The Incredible Hulk with Lou Ferrigno or Batman with Adam West. What else is there that is best seen on my blog.




Are there any more superhero films coming out this year?

The superhero year 2015 ended with Fantastic Four. However, next year my personal favorites Deadpool and Suicide Squad are waiting for their first big screen appearance. You can also look forward to Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman.

What is your personal favorite film and why?

My personal highlight is clearly Batman: The Dark Knight Rises by Christopher Nolan. No superhero film adaptation has managed to give the hero and villains so much depth as the third part of Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy. The film is also well-cast and superbly staged. With the film, Nolan showed that a superhero does not lose his humanity despite his abilities. In my opinion, it is precisely this distancing from the almighty superhero that makes the film so appealing.



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