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Automotive industry projects in the fast lane. 28. The solution. So that you can find what you are looking for. 10



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3 contents Hello 7 Philosophy The solution. So that you can find what you are looking for. 10 Customer proximity Better to be obvious than far-fetched. 12 Quality & Experience The right train at the right time. 14 Sectors Automotive Industry Projects in the fast lane. 28 Special machine construction All or nothing. 34 Aircraft industry high flyers! 38 Achievements Leading We rule our playing field. 18 Precise fine-tuning not only at the end. 20 Software Software portfolio So that we speak one language. 44 Imprint 48 Diverse Talking a lot, being able to do a lot. 22 Complete And what can we do for you? 24 ibk IndustrieService inserts

4 hello 220 people, 40 years of experience, 4 locations, 2 companies. In the core markets of the automotive industry, aircraft construction and special machine construction, the ibk has been convincing for 4 decades with innovative solutions in fixture and plant construction. Big corporations trust us. As a family-run business, however, we also know the needs of our medium-sized customers very well. Our strength: Through our cooperation with ibk IndustrieService, we combine planning, simulation, construction, control technology, production, assembly and commissioning into a complete process chain. This is the solution for companies that are looking for just one partner for all tasks. 6 7

5 philosophy

6 The solution. So that you can find what you are looking for. Planning, simulation, construction, electrics, production, assembly and commissioning: With us, customers in our two core markets of automotive and aircraft construction get everything they need or just what they want. Regardless of whether a group or medium-sized company Above all, expect one thing from us: the solution to your task. Thanks to the perfectly fitting interlocking of our two companies, our clients have the opportunity to fall back on well-established structures. This creates a closed process chain with a high degree of flexibility and quality, which unfolds its advantages particularly in tight deadlines

7 customer proximity Better to be obvious than far-fetched. What applies to our solutions also applies to our locations: We prefer to be very close to our customers. After all, a quick short passing game is often more accurate than the very wide balls, but we can do that too. The Hanover location forms the starting point for our development. The proximity to large corporations from various branches of industry, including Volkswagen, Continental, Daimler, Ford, Airbus and Komatsu Hanomag, as well as the central location in Europe are convincing. This enables quick reactions to customer requests and short-term and inexpensive planning of on-site assignments. Planning, CAD / electrical design and robot simulation are handled centrally in the Hanover headquarters, while the Wolfsburg branch specializes in the special needs of regional customers. Here we offer test and quality planning for assembly and shell construction, method planning, cycle time optimization, electrical construction and classic production planning. The areas of planning, logistics, simulation and robot programming (online / offline) are managed at the Emden location. Our employees are available worldwide for your engineering projects, whether in Mexico, China, South Africa or the USA

8 Quality & Experience The right train at the right time. Innovative ideas and new approaches to planning and construction help our customers and us to save costs and achieve consistently high quality in production. The security of the processes plays an important role. We therefore use the most modern technology and thus meet even the most demanding customer requirements. In addition, we always strive for optimal solutions in planning, simulation and construction. With competent employees and our many years of experience, we guarantee that we can implement these tasks together with our customers. It is part of our self-image to deliver the best quality at all times. In order to meet this requirement, we work successfully according to the principles of Total Quality Management. This has been confirmed for years by ISO certification

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10 leading We rule our playing field

11 exactly We halved the cycle time for a tea packaging plant, we developed logistics concepts for a glass capsule manufacturer and automated the granulate filling of water filters: We have been actively involved in the planning and construction of all types of special machines in production technology for decades. The term Industry 4.0 is not just an empty phrase for us, we are actively involved in research projects. Together with the University of Hanover, for example, we are developing new methods with which augmented reality can be used in cross-sector series production. Fine tuning not only at the end. Services »Production planning and simulation» CAD construction »Automation technology» Test planning / quality planning »Standardization / method planning» Brand planning / concept planning »Buildability studies» Database systems (e.g. CONNECT) »Logistics planning» Robot programming (online / offline) »Electrical planning / construction» PLC programming »Plant / cycle time optimization» Body construction projects with> hours (planning / simulation / construction) »Expert advice and project management» Production, assembly and commissioning »Complete fixtures (planning, simulation, construction, electrics, production, commissioning) 20 21

12 diverse planning concept planning test planning / quality planning production planning method planning / standardization logistics planning MTM / workplace design factory planning simulation system availability accessibility simulation cycle time analysis installation space investigation ergonomics investigation 3-D-visualization construction 3-D-construction 2-D-construction detailing purchase part design production support FEM-analysis robotics offline programming online- Programming Feasibility study Commissioning Cell calibration Robot optimization Electrics / automation technology Electrical planning Electrical design PLC programming Flow charts Pneumatic plans Talking a lot, being able to do a lot. Production, assembly, commissioning CNC machining Production of prototypes, devices and smaller systems Interaction with ibk IndustrieService Complete devices Planning, simulation, construction, electrical system Production of commissioning devices, robot cells, smaller systems 22 23

13 complete From the initial planning through (electrical) construction, procurement of purchased parts and production to on-site assembly and commissioning, our companies offer you complete, turnkey solutions for devices, prototypes and smaller systems as well as robot cells. We have already demonstrated in several successful projects that engineering and manufacturing go hand in hand. The advantage for our clients: complete solutions upon request including a trial installation on site in our workshop in Isenbüttel. This eliminates the need for time-consuming coordination of different trades on the customer side. In addition, there is greater planning security with regard to costs and processes. And what can we do for you? Own work »Analysis of the task» Production planning »Construction» (robot) simulation »Pneumatics and flow charts» Electrical planning »Electrical design» PLC programming »Robot programming (offline and online)» Production and procurement of purchased parts »Electrical installation» Trial assembly and pre-commissioning »Assembly and Commissioning at the customer »Shift support 24 25

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15 automotive industry projects in the fast lane

16 automotive industry We're switching up. Last but not least, we have earned our good reputation with innovative concepts in body construction and vehicle assembly. We develop individual solutions for manual and automated applications, from assembly and joining aids to complex production lines. Our range of services includes concept development as well as the creation of production-ready documents and documentation. One of the many noteworthy references: In Molsheim, Alsace, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is manufactured with our know-how. For this purpose, drive unit mountings sunk into the ground are extended, which accommodate the powerful drive unit. The drive unit mountings were developed and designed by us, as were the mountings for exhaust systems and axles or the alignment aids for the tailgate. Our core offering includes the planning, simulation and construction of complex systems for cockpit, front-end and chassis assembly. We have a lot of experience in the construction of screwing stations and (laser) welding stations. We plan the use of equipment for our demanding customers and offer (robot) simulations and CAD design everything from a single source. Services at a glance »Equipment construction» Body construction »Welding technology» Assembly technology »Module assembly of battery systems» Folding devices »Standardization» Handling and conveyor systems »Measuring / test equipment technology» Test bench technology »Prototype construction (equipment) Planning, construction and simulation of body shell systems including MTM and MTA analyzes, geo-welding devices, design and construction of folding devices, FEM analyzes 30 31

17 automotive industry Chassis installation, vehicle jacks, conveyor systems, suspension fixtures, drive assembly frames, modular chassis pallets, high-cycle, joining and hold-down systems, screwing devices, manual workstations, pre-assembly tables, assembly aids, transport and joining aids, handling devices, installation manipulators, test devices, assembly systems for battery modules 33

18 special machine construction All or nothing

19 special machine construction Special features are nothing special for us. We offer you complete, turnkey solutions for devices, prototypes and smaller systems as well as robot cells. We plan every project ourselves, take on the (electrical) construction, procure purchased parts, and manufacture and assemble the entire device on site. We also carry out the commissioning and hand over the functional system to our customer. The many successful projects that have come about under our care prove our competence in the combination of engineering and manufacturing. On request, a test setup in our workshop in Isenbüttel is also possible. This eliminates the need for our customers to coordinate different trades. In addition, there is greater planning security with regard to costs and processes. Services at a glance »Current status analyzes, concept development» Planning, simulation, construction »Pneumatics and process plans» Electrical planning and construction »PLC programming» Robot programming (offline and online) »Production and procurement of purchased parts» Electrical installation »Test set-up and preliminary Commissioning »Assembly, commissioning, shift support Robot welding systems, adhesive applications, screwing stations, measuring and testing devices, assembly systems, cycle time optimization, handling systems for front end, cockpit, door, seat and battery assembly 36 37

20 Aircraft industry Your head in the clouds, your feet firmly on the ground. The major group Airbus Germany has been our customer for more than 20 years, making aircraft construction a fixture for us. The list of projects is extensive: Together with us, for example, complete construction sites, fixtures and CFRP platforms for the types A300, A340, A318 A321, A380 and A400M have been created; among other things, we constructed the first and fourth paint shop at the Hamburg plant. The so-called remaining double workstation for the Airbus single-aisle series A318 A321 was designed by us, as was the equipment platforms in Hall 7 at the Finkenwerder location, as well as various work platforms and devices using CFRP technology. We also developed concepts for Airbus with which flow-line production and residual preservation are carried out in the company today. In addition to directly commissioning Airbus, we also work for many supplier companies in the aircraft industry. High flyer! Services at a glance »Section construction sites» Stages »Painting systems» Indoor work platforms »Hot utensils» Production equipment (Jigs & Tools) 38 39

21 Aircraft industry Flow-line systems and automation solutions in section construction sites Section construction sites, positioning systems, production equipment, beam path analyzes, lifting and installation systems, assembly aids, ergonomics and workplace design 40 41

22 Software 42 43

23 Software portfolio We work with almost every CAD format. We also use a wide range of different hardware and software in planning, robot simulation and CAD design. Our goal is to be able to offer our customers the latest technology on an ongoing basis and to do justice to every task. In addition to CATIA V5, which has been in use at ibk since 2003, we also use Siemens NX 10, Inventor and SolidWorks. In order to change or optimize existing systems, we can also convert any type of CAD data that is available in older formats according to customer specifications. This of course also includes neutral interface formats such as DXF, IGES, STEP, TIFF and HPGL. So that we speak a language. CAD design »CATIA V5» CATIA V5 FEM »Siemens NX 9/10» AutoCAD / Inventor »SolidWorks» MicroStation / HLS »Mechanical Desktop» CADRA / CCD planning & simulation »Process Designer» Process Simulate »Plant Simulation (Simple ++)» Robcad / OLP »MTA tool pneumatics & electrics» EPLAN 5.7 / P8 / P8 fluid »Festo FluidDraw» S7 PLC control »Visualization in WinCC» IBSCM / Interbus »Profibus» Profinet other systems »ConAktiv» Oracle database »3D_Evolution» Safexpert »SISTEMA »Em-tolmate» Plato (FMEA) »Simtol» TCS 44 45

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26 You can find even more solutions directly from us in Hanover, Emden and Wolfsburg. Or worldwide under 51

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