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The best Android video editing apps

Steffen Zellfelder

With these video editors for Android you wake up the Spielberg: The sophisticated and extensive apps make editing, post-processing, dubbing and the incorporation of effects into films and videos on the smartphone child's play. All apps presented are available in a free version.

EnlargeThe best Android video editing apps

As is well known, a good video only begins with the recording. Only in post-production is a video snippet turned into a film, a travel report or the next post for the YouTube channel or Instagram profile. In the age of smartphones, you no longer have to do editing work on your PC: the app store is packed with video editors with which you can easily do audio, editing, image corrections and adding effects on your Android device.

Easily cropping using timelines, adding silly or weird stickers, color adjustments, and playing music are standard in most video editors for Android. For this reason, some developers are increasingly relying on specialized apps in order to reach individual user groups with different areas of application.

For example, the Action Director Video Editor is primarily intended for quick scenes in sports and leisure. The app offers effects and transitions with which dynamic moments from skateboarding tricks to parkour running to extreme sports events can be staged in a particularly exciting and vivid way: by reliving decisive moments in the video, for example with a temporary slow-motion function to let.