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A true network marketing success story: The Nawrot Brothers

The brothers themselves say: For over seven years we were looking for a real business that could take us to the other side of life. And for seven years we traveled all over the world to every country imaginable. But we haven't found the right tool to do this. Everywhere was the notorious hook behind it.

Successful with network marketing

Dirk: Network Marketing. Direct sales. If that's an issue for you, then this interview sequence is the right place for you. So stay tuned!

I received an audio book a few months ago. And I had heard the sender before, the names. But I couldn't imagine anything big about it. Then there was a long drive and I pushed in the CD - the first of two CDs - and listened to it.

That was an interview. An interview with two men who are super, super, super successful in network marketing. And there were just really cool anecdotes. There were answers that I didn't expect. And it was really from practice.

They weren't just any people who theoretically explain it to you that way, but have never proven it themselves. But two who have really gone through all the depths of life, but are now very, very, very high up.

And I still remember, after the first CD I already said to my assistant: “See that you can get to them! I would like to do an interview with them both - for the podcast as well as for YouTube. ”And now I am happy that I have a guest here in Bochum, in the business club of the Exzenterhaus: The Nawrot brothers, Manuel and Roman. Welcome, nice to have you here!

Novel: Yes, thank you very much, Dirk, that we are allowed to be here.

Manuel: Hello Dirk! Thank you very much for the invitation.

Dirk: Yes thank you! So, an amazing story on this audio book. It really started with your childhood and everything that happened there, up to today's topic. I would like to come back to that later, to the actual story and your personalities. I would like to start with the topic of network and direct sales.

Network and direct sales

You are extremely strong there. Let's start with the first thing everyone, not everyone, but of course most Germans have in mind straight away, because of: Network Marketing, MLM - pyramid schemes. All of this is not entirely kosher. There are many doubts.

And I think you do the same when you're on vacation somewhere; you get to know someone and they ask: "What do you do for a living?" And you say: "Yes, we are in the network ..." - Oh, my goodness! Then they change places, right?

What do you think of that? How do you deal with it when it comes to this industry?

Novel: Exactly. It is of course very interesting that the two of us also sat one evening at an information evening where this business model was presented to us. And the two of us have never had a taste of a direct sales company or a network marketing company before.

But we realized relatively quickly what a huge opportunity this was. Of course, when we went home and told our friends, families and acquaintances what the Nawrot brothers were up to now, they all declared us crazy. So.

And we just said to everyone: “Man, we need three to five years to show mankind out there what is feasible.” And then we really started to take off.

And we also tell people we are getting to know that there is a very special business opportunity. And you know these terms network marketing, direct sales, structured sales, multi-level marketing.

It has been reformed because some companies have burned these names too. And our job is to help these companies that are really serious about setting this brand differently, right?

Manuel: Definitely, definitely. So, we did a little bit of research back then and then found out - you have to imagine that - that network marketing companies around the world pay out over two hundred million dollars in commissions to consultants out there every day.

And then we said:

"You, whoever still thinks that this has something to do with the snowball principle or pyramid scheme, or that it belongs to it or that it is linked to it, actually lives behind the moon."

And that's how we did it back then. And then we heard the second thing that there are now between four and six hundred income millionaires in this industry in the world. Well, they make over a million dollars a year doing this business.

And then we said: “That doesn't exist! Since we just have to ...! ”And we are by chance-. There are no coincidences in life, it is for us to please, this business principle.

For over seven years we were looking for a real business that could simply take us to the other side of life. And for seven years we have traveled all over the world to all countries that you can imagine. But we haven't found the right tool to do this. The infamous hook behind it was everywhere.

Dirk: Very, very, very exciting. I have already recorded a video about this, which we will link accordingly, in which I give my personal opinion on the subject of network marketing. At its core, it's a form of distribution.

It is how stationary retail is a form of distribution, how e-commerce à la Amazon is a form of distribution, how field service à la Würth is a form of distribution, so network marketing is also a form of distribution. With advantages and disadvantages, which every shape has. Except that in Germany in particular, the media have badly written this topic very badly. So. That's my point of view.

There are many people who say: “I would like to earn more money full-time or part-time. I would like to do something different. I can communicate well. I want to work in sales. ”And network marketing offers many possibilities there.

You have almost no share capital that you need. You do not need any special certificates or qualifications. You just have to be willing to learn. And you have to be diligent and want it. So. What do you recommend to someone who says: “I want to join the network!” What are the most important basics that everyone has to consider?

What do you have to consider when entering network marketing?

Manuel: So, the most important basics are definitely that you definitely get into network marketing on the side. We always say that. And we always recommend that too.

There is a double burden at the beginning, the first two or three years. But if you have started to earn twice your salary again at the end of the month, then you will have twice as much. You can save a little more there.

And after two or three years you can even switch to your full-time job. That's what we usually call it or pass it on in our experiences. And people just have the opportunity to build up an unlimited income. There is no lid.

And this unlimited income, that really gave us a lot of inspiration back then. Because we said, “Man, there is a business principle or a business system where there is no top cover, no territorial protection.

We can emotionalize and inspire as many people as possible with this system. ”And that didn't let us sleep in a positive sense, Dirk.

Novel: Yes, absolutely, and of course our path was also that we started part-time. So, at that time we ran a snack bar at Munich Central Station and built up our network marketing company during an 18-hour workday, six to seven days a week.

At first, I don't know how long it was then when our tax advisor called - that was a year, I think, later about - and then called us and said: “Guys, we have to meet! Something is wrong there. "

And then of course our hearts flew into our pockets because we thought: Oh dear, I hope we didn't do anything wrong! Then he put the numbers on the table for us and we had already built up over five-figure monthly income as a second job with our network marketing company, despite our little boat on our heads and our hot dogs.

That was living proof that the part-time job is the right way to go. And that's a tip for anyone out there looking to reorient themselves.

Because there are many companies, which we have already noticed, that often destroy their partners by saying: full-time! Big car! Rent office space! The best thing to do is to hire a permanent secretary! And tear open a big barrel. And we did exactly what our company said: Start part-time! And shows that you are exactly the right person for this industry! And only then do you start your main job.

Dirk: These are typical Strucki methods. You recruit someone and tell them exactly: “We'll first go to a German premium manufacturer here and then you'll get yourself a really big car first. Completely beyond your means, because you have to show the world out there what kind of hero you are. You are looking for a bigger apartment ... "

You become much more addicted. And then they have to deliver. Otherwise they will go under. And some then deliver, become successful. And many go under because they can't cope with the pressure.

Novel: Most.

Dirk: Exactly. If you now choose a network full-time or part-time. It's a very, very common question that always comes up for me too. What should I put attention on?

How do I choose the right network?

Manuel: So, the most important aspect for us when we got involved was that a company had existed for at least 15, 20, 25 years. Because you only ever have one lifetime in your life, Dirk.

I'll say there are a lot of good people out there and they just invested in companies that have been there for three years. The lifetime invested, given full throttle. And after three years the company says: “You, we're closing the doors. We don't exist anymore! "

And we just wanted to protect ourselves from something like that. Because we said, “Hey! We may now have the power again to pull up the energy to something really mega-great. "

And here we have to rely on a horse, on a foundation that stands. When we know the commissions will be paid. In good time, just as it is communicated. The company has been around for 15, 20, 25 and more years and the company is certified.

That was very, very important for us too. And that's actually one of the most important points when someone out there says: "Man, I'm looking for a network marketing company."

Because, as I said, a lot of people have already been burned, to say in good German, and still have such great skills. But maybe you can't muster the energy to believe in a company again because you believed in it before and the company no longer exists.

Novel: Exactly. And what comes next: We hear so often from people who always put their radars on top - well, we broke off ours back then because we knew we had found our home - there are people out there who keep calling us : "Man, we will be there before the big boom. We have this new chance. Something has come from America again ... "

And these people are often no longer there, or in the 20th network marketing company. And that was what impressed us that evening. Especially with our company, where we ended up. That there were families who have been successful for 20 years and the children have already joined the company at the same time.

The parent company is solid as a rock, that is, one that has survived every storm and yet is totally unknown to the outside world. And that was that chance back then. And some say to us: “Man, you have to invest in a company that nobody out there knows about that has just started. We are after

Manuel: ... existing for 27 years, we got on board. Because, many always say: "Yes, come on, get in, at zero hour", and so stories. So we joined our partner company after 27 years and have become number one in over 75 countries within the first two and a half years.

In the whole organization of the company. So everything is possible. It has nothing to do with the company's existence, how long it has existed.

Dirk: There's a philosophy I've heard from someone who sells their products on Amazon. This is called Amazon FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon. They just order some products in Asia, have them manufactured there and they are stored at Amazon and then sold directly. He just needs to clean up the marketing.

And something I learned there is: You never take a product that isn't available on Amazon yet. Because he says, "There has to be a reason why it isn't there yet."

The ones who burn a lot of money are the ones who say, “Oah! I have a product here that is not yet on Amazon. I'm selling that now! "

And he says: “You are doing the opposite! You look to see where there are products that are in extremely high demand. And there you hang on and just make this product a little better. "

That also speaks for this mentality to say, not, “I have to be there at zero hour.” It can work. Will not work in most cases. Instead: "Take something that is established and do it really well in terms of sales."

You have something else - that was on the audio book, a picture that really fascinated me - namely, let's talk about those who are new to the network, have no experience, no sales experience, and then get on board.

Did we talk about it. And now come those who do it today, do it tomorrow, do it the day after tomorrow. And there you have this picture with this water pump. Would you like to tell that? Because that's a wonderful picture.

What does a water pump have to do with network marketing?

Manuel: Well, that's the way it is with the water pump. Back then in Slovenia we always had such a water pump when we were children. We are always on vacation there. And then it was always so rusty.

And every time we went back on vacation, the water pump was there and it was rusty. And then you first had to move this part with a lot of force so that at some point after 20 minutes rusty water came out of the front. But at some point it was clear. And at some point you were able to pump with your little finger because it was so easy.

And people always make mistakes in life, especially now in business. They overestimate what they can achieve in a year. And underestimate what they can achieve in a company in three, four, five or ten years.

And that is the main part of this water pump principle. Because people are standing in front of a water pump that is rusted, that can pump, realizing that it is difficult. When something becomes difficult, you say: “Okay-.” It is best if the environment also comes along.

They said: “Look, I said that this water pump wasn't working. Let it be! You won't make it. ”What are people doing? They see another water pump, they go there and think it's easier.

But they just didn't last long enough until the water pump overflows from the rusty water into the clean water. And so most of them go.

Sometimes we see people who have followed this principle for decades and always mean: man, over there the grass is a little greener, it is easier there.

No, it is not easier! If I haven't got the ability, the principles of winning, success, abundance, the winning mindset, then I can't do it anywhere in any other company.

51% are always ourselves who are responsible for success, and 49% the tool, the product. Or maybe even an upward trend. Rather. And people always think: Okay, maybe there are some systems somewhere that can make me rich quick. In my opinion, this is not possible because you can build these skills.

And it is precisely in network marketing that personalities are polished to a high gloss. With us. And they just come in from the start and have never heard of personality development. And after three to five years you also have the opportunity to earn six-digit, seven-digit or even more a year. Or to stick with it on the side.

But this personality, which you can get through network marketing or through our coaching and everything, cannot be paid for with any money in the world. And that's just one of the stories with that water pump that you mentioned.

Success is so simple. You just have to get up more often when you've fallen. And you can hear it everywhere. It's a very simple principle.

Dirk: I experience this sometimes with applicants. An applicant comes along and would like to work for us. And then he blasphemed the last employer. What was terrible there and why it didn't work. And then about the employer before that too. It was also terrible and none of that was possible.

And then we don't feel like working with him anymore, because he always looks for the error on the outside. It has always been the employer. But he will never be successful, not even as an employee, because he is the problem, he always takes himself with him. He is the problem and not the employer.

Choice when you've picked the right one, stick with it. Do this!

And what makes a networker successful now?

What made you successful? So what attitude, what beliefs? But also what actions, rituals? And then maybe after. You have to do with an incredible number of people with whom you work in the network. And you watch them. What do they do to be successful? Is it the same? Are they different from you? What makes you and them successful?

Novel: Yes, that is a very good question. Right from the start, our great advantage has been that we always knew where we were going with these companies. So, Manu said it earlier, it took us a long time to make up our minds about something. But we knew that if we did that, then we had to go through with it.

And of course we dated the dreamboard on an easel in the bedroom at home and set the goals. And of course we knew that it was not only done with a dreamboard, but also with sweat. So with work.

And we get to know a lot of people who have the idea of ​​being human, driving a big car or even building a house at some point. Or a horse for the daughter. You just forget one thing, that sweat is part of it. So the work.

And thank God it is what we were born with, that we have always done more than anyone else. And Manu said it before that success is not difficult. Very few are just not ready to go this way.

And we just did more than anyone else. Always asked around a little. What do people who work in our industries do? They worked for the same industry for decades and still did a lot. Or what do you say?

Manuel: Definitely. In any case. Well, these are just the kind of things where you just - we just put the brain in the glove compartment, closed it, locked it. And we've been told, just do what we tell you to do for three to five years. And that's how we did it.

And then we become successful. Because if there are people, Dirk, in a company who have become successful with the same training, with the same product, with the same market, why shouldn't we make it? And that is our mindset, until today.

Novel: That has always been what drives us. And so there are some nice anecdotes. We often started looking for new partners through newspaper advertisements. At the very beginning of our time. And of course there were partners of ours who of course spent months working out the perfect advertisement.

And the two of us had the idea to place an ad, called and then stuttered a bit when the lady asked: “Yes, Mr. Nawrot, what's in there?” Well, we never knew. So and so they always worked.

We have always been faster than everyone else. I guess we sometimes reached into the toilet with a few things, but learned from them. And so we pulled out the best things for us. So, we were always quick to implement.

Manuel: Definitely yes.

Dirk: Focus. Dont get distracted. Quick to implement.