Should I pre-order FitBit Versa

Fitbit presents new wearables - including the Versa 3

Hardware 08/26/2020, 9:00 a.m.
In addition to the Smartwatch Versa 3, Fitbit announced the Sense with EKG function and skin temperature measurement. There is also the updated Inspire 2 tracker and a subscription service in Germany.
Fitbit announced two new smartwatches on Tuesday, including the new Fitbit Sense, which can create electrocardiograms (EKG) and measure skin temperature. There is also the successor to the Versa 2, the Versa 3. The company, which is now part of Google, has also optimized the affordable Inspire for fitness tracker enthusiasts.


Fitbit Sense

Fitbit calls the Fitbit Sense its most advanced health smartwatch. According to the company, the smartwatch contains the world's first built-in sensor for electrodermal activity (EDA) to support stress management.
Fitbit's new Stress Management Index calculates your daily physical stress level based on your heart health, sleep and activity data. The stress management index is available exclusively with Fitbit Sense and can be found in the new stress tile in the Fitbit app.
The smartwatch also has heart rate measurement technology and a skin temperature sensor on the wrist, and a new ECG app is available.
Sense also receives all important health, fitness and smart functions of the other Smartwatches from Fitbit, including integrated GPS, more than 20 training modes on the device, automatic SmartTrack activity tracking, cardio fitness level and score as well as extended sleep Tools. In addition, the Sense has a built-in loudspeaker and a microphone for accepting calls (Bluetooth calls will follow shortly) and answering text messages via voice commands, voice assistants from Amazon or Google. Furthermore, contactless payment options, many apps and watch faces.
According to the manufacturer, the battery life is more than 6 days. According to the notification, customers will receive a free six-month trial version of Fitbit Premium.
The Fitbit Sense can now be pre-ordered and costs the equivalent of Fr. 355.-.

Versa 3

The latest Versa smartwatch: Versa 3
Probably the most popular health smartwatch from Fitbit is getting a new model: the Versa 3. The successor to the Versa 2 (click here for the PCtipp test) brings new health functions and a voice control function. The latter means: an extension through the Google Assistant; but an Alexa built-in is also mentioned in the communiqué.

Thanks to the loudspeaker and microphone: Bluetooth calls are possible

The Versa 3 also has integrated GPS, a training intensity map, improved PurePulse 2.0 technology and active zone minutes in its luggage. You can read more about the active zone minutes in our test of the Fitbit Charge 4 fitness tracker. In contrast to the Versa 2, the successor model not only offers an integrated microphone, but now also a loudspeaker so that you can make calls from your wrist. A feature that the author welcomes very much. However, the fine print of the media release says: “Available when a phone is nearby. Bluetooth calling and volume controls will follow shortly. Reply to text messages only available for Android users. »
For music playback: The current music partners are Deezer, Pandora and Spotify. According to the manufacturer, the battery should last up to 6 days or more, i.e. at least one day longer than the previous model.
In addition, the design and user interface have been adapted to Fitbit Sense, which means softer lines and should enable increased comfort, greater responsiveness and faster interactions. All Fitbit Versa 3 features are also available on Fitbit Sense. For the first time, both Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense use the same magnetic charger.