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Mention of firearms or cannons in Hindu scriptures?

Firearms, cannons, and handguns are mentioned in Hindu scriptures such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. The word used in Scripture for cannons is shataghnii -शतघ्नी .

This śataghnī is literally what can kill a thousand people, and it is said to be a canon.

Valmiki Ramayana mentioned in Book I: Bala Kanda - Sarga 5 - The Youthful Majesties Cannons that were used in the city of Dasharatha.

सूत मागध संबाधाम् श्रीमतीम् अतुल प्रभाम् |
उच्चाट्टाल ध्वजवतीम् शतघ्नी शत संकुलाम् || VR .1.5.11 ||

suuta maagadha sambaadhaam shriimatiim atula prabhaam | ucchaaTTaala dhvajavatiim shataghnii shata samkulaam ||

It, this prosperous city of Ayodhya, is full of many eulogists and panegyrists, but it is very magnificent with many bastions, flags and hundreds of cannon batteries , and Dasaratha dwells in it. [1-5-11]

Note that the word "shataghnii" is used here for cannon.

Similarly, Mahabharata also describes this canon called Shataghnii. It will be in Mahabharata Adi Parva - Viduragamana Parva - Chapter 199 mentioned.

भीमोतमहाचक्रं बृहतटटालसंवृतं |
दृढप्राकारनिर्युहं शतघ्नीजालसंवृत्तं ||

There are big Ferris wheels here that are terrifying. The panels of the entrance gates of this city are quite strong. And this town is surrounded by a line of Shatagni cannons.

And here is another verse from the same chapter

तीक्ष्णाङ्कुश शतघ्नीभिर यन्त्रजालैश च शॊभितम |
33 च महाचक्रैः शुशुभे तत पुरॊत्तमम || 33 ||

tīkṣṇāṅkuśa śataghnībhir yantrajālaiś ca śobhitam
āyasaiś ca mahācakraiḥ śuśubhe tat purottamam

here Mahabharata mentions a number of mechanisms that are similar to cannons.

Mahabharata also mentions Hand cannons and handguns . It is in Mahabharata - Adi-Parva - khandav Dahan Parva - chapter 226 - verse - 25 mentioned. In the description of the war between Devas and Krishna-Arjuna during the Khandav Dahana episode.

अय: कणपचक्राश्म भुषुण्डयुद्यतवावह: |
कृष्णपार्थो जिघांसन्त: क्रोधसम्मुर्छतौजस || 25 ||

Someone held the mechanism that powers iron balls (handguns, cannons, etc.), and others were endowed with chakra, stones and bhusundi. Angry they approached Shree Krishna and wanted to kill both of them.

And here is the translation of the holy text of the above verse.

Iron balls and balls as well as catapults for propelling huge stones and rockets. 443


@moonstar Yeah, a source or two say it's a missile, but most of the sources I've linked say it's a cannon.