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Sub-task to achieve the company objective.

Examples: Procurement, production, sales, administration.

Function as the basis of the organizational structure:Functional organization.


1. Term: A function is used to describe the relationships between several different factors. In the case of a function - a clear assignment - each element of one set is assigned exactly one element of the other; each x is assigned exactly one y and not several.

2. Species: a) Two-dimensional function:

y = f (x),

i.e. y is a function of x (y equals f of x).

b) Multi-dimensional functions:

y = f (x1, x2, ..., xn).

Here y is used as the dependent variable and x or xi referred to as the independent variable. The definition range is the total range of values ​​that are permitted for the independent variables. The range of values ​​is the set of function values ​​that the dependent variable y takes on.

3. Presentation: A function can be represented by a function equation, a table or a graph.

Computer science

Subroutine that provides exactly one value as a result (e.g. the result of a calculation). The required input variables are generally passed as a parameter to the function. The output variable is the function value itself.