Does your dog like your music

Dog, cat, iguana: you can now build a pet playlist on Spotify

What kind of music does your cat like to listen to? You will probably never be able to answer this question. Spotify tries anyway. With a new feature with viral potential, you can now create a pet playlist for your animal companion.

Loneliness is not a nice feeling. This is certainly one of the reasons many people have animal companions - and there are thousands more. That is out of the question.

But whether it's a dog, a cat, a bird, a hamster or a more unusual animal like an iguana, all of our pets have one thing in common: They have to endure our taste for music. They have no other option.

Create a pet playlist with Spotify: likes people and animals

And this is exactly where Spotify comes in with an ingenious new feature. The Swedish streaming service has developed a generator that can help you get a pet playlist. A special feature: It should not only please you, but also your animal companion.

To create your own pet playlist, you must first choose from one of five animals. You then go through a short list of questions. This helps Spotify to find songs that fit the character of your companion.

Is your cat more curious or shy? Does your dog prefer to lie lazily in the garden or does he frolic in the field all afternoon? And is your budgie more of a quiet connoisseur or an Italian opera singer?

Finally, you enter the name of your pet and optionally upload a picture. A few seconds later you will have the individualized Spotify playlist for your pet.

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A playlist for a curious, calm cat. (Photo: Screenshot / Spotify)

When you look at the composition of the pet playlist, you notice that it is a mix of songs that you hear often, songs that match your favorite genres surprisingly well, and hits that match your pet's character.

With our curious and sociable tomcat Maxi, for example, these are “I Want to See Everything” by Sparkling or “What you love nennstst” by Bausa.

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