What are Robert Schumann's best works


Robert Schumann (born 1810 in Zwickau, died 1856 in Bonn-Endenich)

Robert Schumann was born on June 8, 1810 as the sixth and last child of wealthy parents in Zwickau, where the family had moved from Ronneburg in Thuringia a few years earlier. As a novelist and author of commercial compendia, his father August Schumann (1773-1826) had acquired the means to set up a publishing company and by editing encyclopedias and compilations, popular editions of German and foreign classics (for which he also translated from English himself ) and the much-read “memorial sheets for educated estates” made a respected name.

His influence and his high literary education were formative for Robert's childhood and school years, so that he could say of himself that even then he was "familiar with the most important poets of pretty much all countries". It was not just a passive recording of literature, but came to his own poetic attempts and the establishment of a literary school circle in which Robert set the tone. Reading the works of Jean Paul made a strong, lasting impression on him towards the end of high school. He initially copied their style in his romantic narrative fragments, but they also had an effect, partly directly stimulating, partly more subtle, on his later composing, so that he jokingly admitted that he had learned more counterpoint from Jean Paul than from his Theory teacher ", and promoted the poetic quality of his music-writing work ...