Who is Ghost Rider

Ghost rider

Ghost rider

Real nameJohnathon Blaze
size1.88 m
Weight100 kg
First appearanceAugust 1972


Ghost Rider was invented by Gary Friedrich and Mike Ploog in 1972 and featured in Marvel Spotlight # 5.

Short biography

Johnny Blaze was not born with his powers, but got them in the form of a curse by entering into a contract with Mephisto to cure his father's cancer. Unfortunately, he realized too late that he was being set up, because even if Craig got well, he died shortly after of a stunt accident. After a while it became for Johnny time to redeem his part of the contract, thereby being possessed and in by the power of a demon Ghost rider was transformed to hunt down as the devil's soul-catcher all those who were too evil even for hell. At first he was overpowered by his inner demon and had little control over his powers, which is why he simply killed everything and everyone that got in his way and had already committed the slightest sin, but later he learned to use his abilities and to use them specifically against threats and against Mephisto. In combat, he continues to act mercilessly towards those who do evil (even if they were only minor offenses) and, although campaigning for law and order, is one of the most brutal antiheroes of all.

Powers and abilities

Since the Ghost rider possessed by the spirit of vengeance, i.e. carrying a demon, in the transformed state he has superhuman strength and resilience, so that he can, for example, lash around with glowing chains or melt even massive steel with a simple movement of the hand. Everything he touches will also be transformed by the power of hell if he so wishes, which is why his motorcycle turned into an infernal wheelie, which he can not only control and call with mere thought, but also a flaming trail of devastation which he can bring to perfection with his skills as a stunt artist and hand-to-hand fighter. His mental and at the same time most powerful power is the "look of atonement", in which he only has to look his opponent in the eyes to kill him with the overwhelming burden of all his sins ever committed. Learns over time Ghost rider also to intensify the heat of his flames so that he can then also create blue fire, which is significantly hotter and more dangerous.


  • Transformation into a demon
  • superhuman strength
  • superhuman endurance
  • bless you
  • "Hellfire" manipulation
  • Lord of his mystical chain
  • has the punishing look


  • Stunt motorcyclist
  • good melee fighter


  • his punishing look is absolutely useless against demons and Mephisto, as this only makes them stronger
  • at odds with his inner demon; Johnny wants to protect the weak, the spirit of vengeance to kill everything and everyone who has sinned before