What is the saddest truth about nature

Sad truth

We at PomPom are proud that neither our products nor their raw materials are tested on animals!
Sadly, this is not the case with many cosmetic companies. Our experience has shown that many businesses still hold on to it and, unfortunately, consumers are still not convinced what they are doing to innocent animals with it.

You are probably reading this article because you have already stepped on the path of conscious shopping. Nevertheless, it can happen that you trust the big brands for certain products (e.g. make-up). We would like to encourage you to simply continue on this path, to step on it and to be a little more careful which company is REALLY cruelty free!

Read our post about it and change your habits!

What do we mean by animal testing?

Animal experiments are processes in which the effect and tolerance of industrial substances, cleaning agents, food additives, agricultural substances and various cosmetics are tested on living animals. Even the mildest procedures are associated with pain and stress for the animals.

What does animal testing free mean?

The conscious buyer not only looks at the product he is buying, but also takes a close look at the entire company and its structure. What that means?

If companies sell their products in China and the EU, then you can be sure that they also carry out animal tests, as these are unfortunately MANDATORY in China! So you can buy "cruelty-free" products from these companies, but you still support a company that carries out animal experiments, even if not directly in the EU.

Facts about animal testing

  • In Europe the number of laboratory animals is 10-12 million! This information is not entirely fresh, so we hope that it will get lower every year as the EU introduces more and more laws against animal testing.
  • Although it is legally forbidden to use great apes, dogs and other wild animals for animal experiments, many companies fail this test. Such animal experiments are always kept secret, so you should be particularly careful when choosing cosmetics. Even if you may not feel sorry for the mice, think of the great apes and dogs.
  • Cosmetics are tested primarily on rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and rats, but dogs, mostly beagles, have also been found in many cases.
  • To test skin tolerance, you need 32 guinea pigs or 16 mice. However, if irritation occurs, the animals suffer terribly and are not given any means of relief.
  • The tolerance is often tested on rabbits. The substance is dripped into the eyes and observed how they react.
  • In China, cosmetics MUST be tested on animals and must not be sold beforehand.
  • Outside the EU, animal testing is also prohibited in the following countries: Norway, Australia, New Zealand, India, Israel

You definitely don't want to support animal experiments, do you? Forget these brands, because they not only test their products on animals, but often contain harmful ingredients that are also not good for humans.