What is a poetic means

Poetic means

Poetic means Stylistic means for illustration: a) The LANGUAGE IMAGE is a characteristic of all poetry due to its clarity and emotional intensity. In addition, image serves as a collective term for metaphor, comparison, allegory, symbol and cipher. b) The metaphor: from gr. metaphora transmission. What is meant is the transferred (figurative) meaning of a word that is not used in the actual (literal) sense. (e.g .: arm of the river, table leg, chair leg, flow of speech, light of truth, fox cunning man, ship of the desert camel.) c) The metonymy: from the Greek metonymia renaming, name exchange It replaces the actual word with another that is closely related to it .. (e.g. Berlin reports ... instead of the government in Berlin reports; similar: the White House and the Kremlin; the red pants attacked the players in red pants attacked; he read in Schiller instead of Schiller's works; he knows the whole of Goethe by heart instead of Goethe's works.) d) The comparison: increases the clarity by identifying two areas that are similar in a third point (the so-called tertium comparationis The third of the comparison), through which the particle relates how. (For example: A man like an oak. The tertium comparationis, the third common point, is size or mightiness or strength. A broad, detailed comparison becomes a parable or a parable if it is an independent story.) e) The allegory : from gr. allegory different, ...

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