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● History: Wakanda is a fictional state in the Marvel Universe, which is located in the equatorial Africa between the nations Uganda, Kenya, Somalia,Ethiopia and many more fictional states like Niganda is located. It was named after its original inhabitants, the Wakandans. Wakanda is known for its great contrast between tradition and modernity. While certain aspects of government and culture seem relatively primitive, Wakanda is one of the most technologically advanced states in the world.

10,000 years ago several primitive tribes lived in Wakanda. During this time, a giant meteorite made of a solid and energy-absorbing mineral crashed on Wakanda, later known as Vibranium got known. One of the tribes led by the legendary warrior Bashenga, decided to investigate the collapse site, believing it was a gift from the gods. When they got to the crater, they realized the material was vibrating and they decided to make weapons out of it. But the radiation that the meteorite gave off, led to side effects. Some of the tribes turned into so-called Demon spirits. Bashenga prayed to the Panther godto give him the strength to defeat these demons. He became the first Black panther and united all the tribes of the land in Wakanda. The radiation also had an impact on flora and fauna. It led to the creation of a heart-shaped herb which members of the panther cult consumed and which easily gave them superhuman abilities. The radiation also hit a group of gorillas. This caused their DNA to change and they became white albino gorillas. Their flesh had the faculties to give great power to those who ate it. The people who did this later formed the WhitesGorilla cultwho worshiped the monkey god.

Until a few decades ago, the Wakandans lived very traditionally, primarily as a society of hunters and gatherers. The focus of society was the hill that was left after the meteorite collapse. It was later discovered that this meteoric ore is an extraterrestrial metal that absorbs sound vibrations and is almost indestructible. The Wakandans have worshiped and founded this sacred hill for generations Panther cult. This cult serves as a tribute to the Wakanda-resident predator, the black panther, who protects the hill. The Wakandans lived completely isolated from the rest of the world. That changed, however, when a British hunting expedition accidentally found out about the unusual hill. The renegade scientist Ulysses Klaw tried forcibly the valuable Vibranium to usurp. The then king T'Chaka stood in his way but was killed by Klaw and his mercenaries. T'Chaka's son T'Challa managed to drive away the intruders. He realized what a great wealth that was Vibranium his little country and he started mining and exporting it in small quantities. This led to Wakanda very quickly becoming one of the richest countries in the world. Most of this wealth was invested in the country's technology.

Fearing further attacks and theft, the Wakandans did not let outsiders know the exact location of Vibranium Hill. T'Challa was trained in the best universities in the world. He then returned to Wakanda and took over the leadership of the country. His newly acquired scientific and, above all, business expertise led to an even greater wealth for Wakanda in connection with further mining of vibranium. As a chief and king, T'Challa also became a hero Black pantherwho now protected not only Wakanda but the whole world. After only 5 years after his return, there were now high-tech factories in the middle of grass huts in Wakanda. T´Challa tries to keep the traditional values ​​in the face of modernization. The export of vibranium is strictly regulated.

Over the centuries, Wakanda has never been defeated, although there have been other tribes that Roman Empire, the Knights Templar and even demons from the hell tried myself. During the second worldwar it ended Captain America to Wakanda, who suspected Nazis there. There he met a Black Panther, T'Chaka, for the first time. He even lost the first fight, but then allied with it.

During the Secret invasiongrabbed an armada of Skrulls Wakanda on. Again, Wakanda managed to defend himself. During the Avengers vs. X-Men War unleashed Namor from Atlantis with the help of Phoenix Force a huge tsunami that destroyed most of Wakanda and killed many residents. Wakandan forces attacked in retaliation Atlantis and won the battle. Shortly afterwards grabbed Thanos Army under the leadership of Black Dwarf Wakanda on. But Wakanda held on to this attack as well.

● Official name: Kingdom of Wakanda
● Capital: Birnin Zana
● Location: Equatorial Africa; Wakanda lies between the African nations of Narobia, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia
● Government: Absolute Monarchy
● Languages ​​spoken: Wakandan, Yoruba
● Currency: Wakandan dollars
● Raw materials: Vibranium, uranium, coal, diamonds
● First appearance: Fantastic Four # 52 [1966]

● Armed Forces: In addition to the "Wakandan Army", which carries out ground operations, Wakanda also has one "Navy" for naval missions and one "Air Guard", which also has pilots with sophisticated combat armor. To the Special forces belong to the "Panther Guard" and the "Hatut Zeraze", the so-called "Dogs of War". The dreaded one "Dora Milaje" are an all-female unit protecting the Black Panther.

● Economy: The unit of currency used in Wakanda is the Wakandan dollar. The main resource of the land is vibranium. Wakanda used this mineral to make them one of the most economically powerful nations in the world. Vibranium sells for $ 10,000 a gram. It is estimated that the mound still houses around 10,000 tons of the material. Other important resources are uranium, coal, diamonds, but also aviation and aircraft construction.

● Education: Education is valued in the culture of Wakanda and has always been considered a fundamental building block of society. The nation has one of the highest literacy rates on the planet. After attending school, citizens are free to choose their career path. Many go to study at independent universities, while others also go into agriculture, mining or other professions. Studying abroad was forbidden during the period of isolation. Crown Prince T'Challa was the first to do this. The Dora Milaje will be in their facility in Upanga trained and educated. There is also a special school for young people and children with superpowers [mutants, inhumans, etc.].

● Health care: Wakanda has a general public health system that is largely tax paid. The entire population of Wakanda has equal access to health services. The nation has one of the highest life expectancies on the planet. From birth a citizen becomes with Kimoyo beads Mistake. This "device" regularly monitors the individual and provides a lifelong medical surveillance. Wakanda owns the cure for cancer, but is currently hesitant to share it with the outside world.

● Technology: Wakanda's technology developed completely independently of the rest of the world because they lived in isolation. Your computer technology is so advanced that it is almost impossible to hack. However, they took the time to study the rest of the world 's technology so that they could hack any external computer system. Most of their technology is based on vibranium. The Wakandans use advanced communication technology like the Kimoyo Card and Kimoyo beads. They do not use fossil fuels even though their land is rich in resources. Instead, they use a variety of environmentally friendly alternative sources such as solar, hydrogen and geothermal energy. Wakanda scientists split the atom almost a century before the rest of the world. Since the mid-20th century, Wakanda has been dealing with sophisticated surveillance satellites that were launched at a time when the Americans and Soviets were in the early stages of their space programs.

● Religion:The ancient Wakandans mentioned connections to the ancient Egyptian gods Enneads and named to the ancient Wakandan gods Orishas. In addition to the worship of the old gods, several cults were formed, which mainly have connections to the Enneads.

  • Panther cult: The Black Panther is a ceremonial and religious title given to the head of the Panther cult. In addition to the judgment of the land, he is also the head of its various tribes. The panther uniform is a symbol of office as well as a religious garment. As part of the cult's ceremonies, a chosen Black Panther is entitled to use a heart-shaped herb that gives increased strength, agility, and awareness to the person who consumes it.
  • White Gorilla cult: Wakanda forbade the dangerous White gorilla cult because of their destructive actions. They ate the flesh of the white monkeys, which gave them increased strength. They worshiped Ghekre, the monkey god. Man-Ape (M’Baku) of Jabari tribe was one of the greatest warriors of Wakanda. While T’Challa was abroad, M’Baku tried to ascend the throne. M’Baku revived the white gorilla cult, killed and consumed one of the white monkeys. He even defeated the Black Panther and took the throne.
  • Lion cult: Sekhmet the "lion god" lost many believers over the years to the cult of the panther god despite the fact that Sekhmet manifested himself physically in front of his followers and the panther God appears only to his priests.
  • Crocodile cult: Sobek the "crocodile god" was an old and forgotten god of Wakanda. There are still some admirers.
  • Hyena Clan: The Hyena Clan is a group of nomads and thieves who roam Africa.

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