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Australia: Special forces as a gang of murderers

I go with @Derfflinger d'accord. @ Pio-Fritz’ens comparison goes too far for me.

Anyone who suggests a continuity of the stages of development is not only failing to recognize the differences in mentality and control mechanisms between the Bundeswehr and other armed forces - especially those of the former English colonies, where soldiers represent pioneers and settlers as the epitome of land grabbing, as the embodiment of the essence of the nation to be heroized.

He also fails to recognize the difference in the nature of the allegations.

It makes a huge difference whether my comrade tells me with this brown quark that Hitler also had his good sides and made Germany great, or whether I am taken aside and find out that I am supposed to kill an unarmed Afghan today in order to make myself known To prove "real man".

The former is a (wrong, reprehensible, but) * subjective * opinion, the latter an obviously criminal act. The appropriate and even the understandable responses differ considerably.

Those of us who have not yet internalized that we live in a highly politicized time, in which even not taking part in a demonstration can be considered a reprehensible political act, will either take Comrade 1 into prayer or ignore him.

(And before someone becomes indignant about "ignoring" - do not tell me, dear fellow forists, that there is not at least one acquaintance, colleague or relative in your life whom you have sorted out into the category: Let him talk, he will hear again on.)

Comrade 2, on the other hand, is * objective * beyond good and evil. The break through the guardrail of the order of values ​​is not emerging here as in a possible political or religious radicalization process on a winding road with many descents, but the delinquent has crashed straight and with full intent through the boundary.

Anyone who does not intervene is actually complicit - here, now, immediately. He is not part of a thousandfold causal chain that may lead to disaster or may break off beforehand, but as a rule complicit in a charismatic instigator who - at least the story allows this to be the case - one day had a perverse idea and implemented it.

And everyone should be able to see this danger. That is why I am far more frightened than the instigators by all the men who apparently would rather become murderers than jeopardize their careers or the recognition of their so-called “comrades”.

Can you believe, I ask myself, that some people want to be afraid of their comrades? The mere fact that the perpetrators went to great lengths to disguise their crimes as legitimate fighting with false evidence and agreed statements indicates the proximity of the "uninitiated" who were not allowed to hear the whole thing.

So to potential witnesses of retaliatory measures against the SAS trooper, who refuses to take part. If it really had come to the point in the unit that someone who said “No!” And turned away had to reckon with the possibility of being part of the next “entrance exam”.

Incidentally, I don't think that special forces are particularly susceptible to such developments. A look at recent history suggests that most war criminals can be found among common soldiers. Since the beginning of the millennium, management support and logistics groups have even appeared to be represented above average.