Have you reached your limit?

Selling Limits

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In the Seller Cockpit Pro you can see your monthly sales limit at any time:

  1. Go to the Overview tab in the Seller Cockpit Pro - it will open in a new window or tab.
  2. Your current limit is displayed at the bottom under "Monthly limits".

We will check your eBay account every month and automatically increase the limits according to your sales and the ratings of your buyers.

We can end all offers that you have created beyond your existing limit. Don't worry - you can put them back on once your monthly sell limit is extended or increased. Remember, your active and sold listings count towards your monthly limit.

Please remember that the sales limits also apply to "valid until revoked" offers. If the available sales limit is reached, these offers will not be automatically relisted. Selling limits apply regardless of the number of auction offers without offering fees / calendar month. Selling limits can also exist for an eBay shop.

So you can have your sell limit increased

If you have reached your sell limit and if you meet the minimum standards for sellers, there is an opportunity to increase your limit. You can check your current status at any time in the Seller Cockpit Pro - it will open in a new window or tab or in your Seller Cockpit - will open in a new window or tab.

You will receive a message from us shortly before you have reached your monthly limit. You can request a limit increase directly from this message or for this purpose Apply for a limit increase choose.

Apply for a limit increase - will open in a new window or tab

If you have applied for a limit increase, we may need additional information, for example information on the business model.

Do you have multiple seller accounts? Then you may be able to increase your limits by linking your eBay account to a seller account that has already performed well in the past. If a link is possible, you will be shown the corresponding option: Select in My eBay under Sell items - the option will open in a new window or tab in the "Monthly sales limits" section Request an increase in the sales limit.

Limits for categories

In certain categories, we limit the number of items that new sellers can list in this category. Our goal is for sellers to start out step by step and familiarize themselves with eBay and the needs of their customers. We want to offer all of our users the best possible sales and buying experience.

Over time, if you successfully complete your orders, receive positive reviews from your customers, meet seller standards, and adhere to our policies, most of the category-specific limits are automatically removed.

Articles should always be placed in the correct category. If you have reached your monthly sales limit in a certain category, you are not allowed to list your articles in another, wrong category. Such an approach would violate our principle of manipulating search results.