What are intermolecular forces in ideal gases

The Van der Waal‘ forces:
 Van der Waal’s forces are a combination of mass attraction and friction.
 They are weak forces.
 As the mass of the molecule increases, you gain weight.
 The shape of the molecules also influences the Van der Waal’s forces. With the same molecular mass, the forces in approximately spherical molecules are lower than in molecules with a larger surface.
The electrostatic attraction:
 Electrostatic attraction is the attraction between the unevenly charged poles of molecules.
  Electrostatic attractive forces are much stronger than Van der Waal’s forces and therefore shape the properties of a substance much more strongly than these.
The grid forces:
 Lattice forces are forces that cause the particles of a substance to assume a certain, energetically favorable position relative to one another.
  The lattice forces naturally only occur in solids and lead to the formation of crystalline structures.
  They are very strong intermolecular forces.