What's the best backend job now

Why are front-end and back-end developers so popular?

Due to the increasing digitalization This situation is unlikely to change much in the years to come. But on the contrary: Many experts agree that programmers will be more in demand than ever in the future.

There are two tendencies: On the one hand, companies are looking for IT specialists with a broad spectrum. Full stack developers and similar experts, for example, have to compensate for the lack of specialists.

On the other hand, the number of technologies, systems and, accordingly, the possibilities to program them is growing. For these tasks you need very special “niche programmers”.

Further reasons for the high demand for backend and frontend developers

The modern person is “always on”. Thanks to smartphones and an increasingly widespread supply of high-speed internet, more applications are moving to the cloud. Video conferences via Zoom, Skype and Web-Ex, collaboration via Microsoft Teams and Slack, project management with Trello and Jira, presentations via Google Workplace: Office programs and other digital tools are no longer installed on local computers or servers, but by users as Web application used.

The corona crisis has accelerated this trend: A lot of employees are now working remotely, and the home office is establishing itself. This is turning the world of work inside out, and a new form of collaboration is establishing itself. The internet is like the new office. For this to work, you need powerful applications - developed by backend and frontend developers.

E-Commerce: Web developers urgently wanted!

There is a rapid change not only in B2B, but also in B2C. The modern consumer goes to shops less often to get information. Instead, he researches the web, goes to comparison portals and buys the products of his choice in online shops.

E-commerce, which has been booming for around 20 years, is one of the main reasons why companies are desperately looking for web developers. You will need PHP, Java and JavaScript programmers, among others. These so-called webshop developers adapt existing online shops or develop completely new e-commerce platforms.

The wheel does not stand still here, online shops have to meet more and more requirements. For example, they are linked to platforms such as Amazon and eBay, and they also obtain their data from different systems (ERP, PIM, CRM, etc.). And the trend is towards headless e-commerce. In this case - to put it simply - the front end and the back end of a system are more strongly separated in order to be able to further develop them better separately.

Backend developer: training and requirements

Many backend developers have completed training as IT specialists or studied IT. There are also many career changers who acquire their specialist knowledge through further training.

To work as a backend developer, you should have a T-shaped profile feature. This means: You have a very good command of at least one programming language and are well to very familiar with other technologies.

Popular programming and scripting languages ​​include Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby as well as C #, C ++ and PHP. For example, .NET, Ruby on Rails, Laravel or Node.js are used as frameworks. Skilful handling of databases (MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB etc.) is also part of the job of a backend developer.

Backend developers not only have to score with a few hard skills, but also with soft skills. Because software development is increasingly taking place about agile methods like Scrum. With these methods, a close exchange in the team is an essential part of everyday work.

Front-end developer: training and requirements

Like the backend developer, the typical frontend developer has an apprenticeship or a degree in computer science. In the course of his training or his studies, he is given access to the various technologies that he will need for his future career.

A front-end developer must also have broad knowledge and technical skills. This includes, for example, dealing with (X) HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, React and Angular. He should also have a good understanding of product design and the requirements of your customers.

Frontend developers are team players. Your daily work includes exchanging ideas with numerous colleagues and contacts. For example, you stand with graphic artists and UX designers, Product owners and Mastering Scrum as well as the backend developers in constant exchange.


As you can see: As a front-end and back-end developer, you have very good job prospects. In our IT job exchange numerous positions are advertised, including for Java experts, C ++ programmer and PHP jobs.

Since web developers are a scarcity on the market, companies sometimes have high demands on their employees. This has an effect on the remuneration: The employers woo the front-end and back-end specialists with attractive salaries. And they usually offer many additional benefits such as flexible working hours, working in the home office and paid fitness and leisure activities.

Image: Adobe Stock, Bitkom