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r / WallStreetBets: Reddit stopped mutiny among the moderators

René Resch

With regard to supposed film deals, moderators of the r / WallStreetBets group got into a dispute, as a result of which mods were thrown out of the group. Reddit itself ended another escalation.

Enlarger / WallStreetBets: Reddit stopped mutiny among the moderators

Reddit group r / WallStreetBets has received a lot of attention lately. The pushing up of share prices like that of Gamestop went through the entire media landscape. Even films and TV shows are already planned, as we reported.

But fame also has its downsides. A heated discussion about alleged film deals broke out among the r / WallStreetBets moderators. The camps were so divided that some mods considering a movie deal threw other mods out of the group who questioned it. As a result, a post was voted high in the Reddit group that called the situation "a coup". Because moderators who "know and love" the community were kicked out.

Ultimately, Reddit itself stepped in and stopped the mutiny. The company confirmed to "The Verge" that it had removed some r / WallStreetBets moderators who had violated moderator guidelines. How many mods were removed exactly, Reddit did not answer. There are currently around 28 mods in the group. There have been "a couple of dozen" in the past few weeks.

Reddit itself said it needed to calm the situation down due to impending instability and took appropriate action. The company also reached out to the group with a message. This read: "We understand that many will be upset with our decisions today, but we knew that an intervention was necessary for the continued health of the r / wallstreetbets community".

The removed mods could become part of the team again after a certain time, but only if that is at the discretion of the rest of the mod team. It remains unclear which of the removed mods will be invited back into the group.

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