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Monty Python star Terry Jones is dead

"Come on, Brian. Otherwise they would have stoned him before we got there," complains Brian's mother in a piercing voice in the bible film satirical "The Life of Brian". With beard shadow, bushy eyebrows and a screeching voice, Terry Jones embodied the female tormentors of the Monty Python troop with glee. For decades, students learned English through the cult film that mocked the stubbornness of political and religious groups. Terry Jones has now died in London at the age of 77.

Terry Jones often directed

In the 1970s, the pythons turned the comedy world upside down with their anarchist humor, after which they mostly went their own way. In 2014 they stood together for the last time, but without the late Graham Chapman. Two years later, it was revealed that Terry Jones was suffering from a form of dementia that led to progressive language disorders. He leaves behind his second wife Anna Söderström and three children. A message from the family said that relatives and friends were always with him in his home when he "slipped gently out of life".

Terry Jones (r.) As Brian's mother, in "Life of Brian" next to "Son of the movie" Graham Chapman

Terry Jones directed "The Life of Brian," a box office hit, and "The Meaning of Life," for which he won the 1983 Cannes Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, and with Terry Gilliam, "The Knights of the Coconut ". Later the medieval expert wrote around 25 works, from children's books to historical treatises, presented several BBC series and
directed films such as "Erik the Viking".

Jones' longtime friend and Monty Python colleague Michael Palin recognized him as "kind, generous, helpful, and passionate about getting the most out of life." He was not only one of the funniest writers of his generation, but also a comedian, writer, director, presenter, children's book author - and the best company you can get
could imagine.

The comedian troupe Monty Python in 2013 - Terry Jones in the middle

"It feels strange that a man of so many talents and endless enthusiasm just disappears so quietly," wrote John Cleese, another Monty python veteran, on Twitter. The greatest gift Jones had given was directing "The Life of Brian," Cleese said, adding, "Perfection."

Terry Jones, whose real name was Terence, was born on February 1, 1942 in Wales. He met Palin at Oxford University in the 1960s. The two later became known as the "nice pythons". Meanwhile, the competing and more provocative writing team Eric Idle, Graham Chapman and John Cleese found themselves together in Cambridge; the American Terry Gilliam joined in 1969.

"Terribly tasteless"

In the same year the six made the breakthrough with their absurd BBC series "Monty Python's Flying Circus". The broadcaster found the series "terribly tasteless". Jones later told Wales Online, "After every episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, we chewed our nails and hoped someone would find it funny."

At a book signing, Jones fell in love with the 41-year-old Swedish student Anna Söderström at the age of 62. They secretly married after their daughter was born in 2009 and Jones separated from his first wife.

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