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An emergency call alerted the rescue control center in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009. Michael Jackson was found in his home without breathing. He dies the same day. The cause of death is poisoning from the anesthetic propofol. This is how the turbulent life of superstar Michael Jackson ended almost a year ago, a life that was outwardly fascinating, colorful and kitschy, but in reality was shaped by the desperate search for attention, recognition and love.

Michael Wech's film looks behind the legend and, with the help of people who were particularly close to Michael Jackson, tells how the little black child star could become the "King of Pop" and finally the sick, drug-dependent artist who met his own demands broke. Interview partners, some of whom have never been in front of the camera, have their say, including Michael Jackson's first girlfriend, Theresa Gonsalves, Dieter Wiesner and Stuart Backerman, who looked after him as a manager, the Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, whom he expressed his fears in long conversations Hopes and problems entrusted, and his sister La Toya Jackson.

Michael Jackson was born in 1958 in Gary, Indiana. He is the eighth of ten children. Driven by the ambitious and enterprising father Joe, Michael Jackson spent his childhood on stage - as the singer of the "Jackson Five". Early footage shows that ten-year-old Michael is quickly becoming the star of the group. A playmate from her teenage days, Antoinette Holmes recalls how playful Michael Jackson blossomed on stage and shed all shyness the way he gave 1000 percent when he felt like his audience loved him. The audience's affection becomes the elixir of life for him.

For him there is practically no life without a stage. Only religion still plays an important role in the life of the Jacksons. Michael Jackson's sister La Toya tells how they both moved from house to house as teenagers to promote Jehovah's Witnesses with the "watchtower" in hand. His mother raised him very religiously, and so Michael Jackson tries to convince his first friend Theresa Gonsalves to study the Bible. Theresa Gonsalves was a close friend of Michael Jackson's. She tells the story of her secret love, secret kisses and an incredibly shy Michael Jackson. But the relationship doesn't last long. At the behest of the parents, Michael Jackson has to end it.

Between Katharina's mother's asexual religiosity and Joe's father's affairs and strip club visits - to which he took Michael with him - Michael's relationship to sex also moves. Throughout his life he will not be clear about his sexuality. Michael Jackson is a whole man on stage, recalls photographer Todd Gray, who accompanied him during the 1970s - but offstage and in show business, he remains a small child. He has a crush on toys, success stories and Disney characters.

In 1982 Michael Jackson released "Thriller" - to this day the best-selling album worldwide. With this he has landed a success that can hardly be surpassed, but by which all future albums Michael Jackson will be measured. He works obsessively on new songs and on the perfection of his stage performances. By staging bizarre behaviors, he tries to increase the already maddening enthusiasm of his fans into the absurd. He undergoes his first cosmetic surgery. In 1984 there was an accident while filming a commercial. Burns to the head mean that Michael Jackson takes medication over and over again to endure the pain. This addiction and the constant pressure to repeat the success of "Thriller" drive him into extreme mental stress.

Michael Jackson has a special relationship with children. They are the ones who bring him the love and appreciation he longs for - without wanting to take advantage of him. Adults, on the other hand, so he perceives, only want to harness him for their interests and benefit from him. The fact that he seeks closeness to children is his undoing. He is twice investigated for sexual abuse - not only an enormous damage to his image, but an experience that affects Michael Jackson particularly.

In 2000 he confided in Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and described his fears, hopes and problems to him in long conversations. Rabbi Shmuley reports for the first time on German television how he got the impression that Michael Jackson no longer had his life under control. Private photos show a disoriented Michael Jackson in Las Vegas, shortly after a degrading investigation by the police. He's completely finished after the 2005 child molestation trial. He knows that in order to survive there is only one chance for him - he has to get back on stage. Only through the approval and love of his audience would he live on.

The documentary reveals that allegations of child abuse and financial hardship were the real reason for the "This is it" tour. With her, Michael Jackson wanted to sing himself into the hearts of his fans again. But the pressure on him was enormous. To withstand it, he took medication, stimulants, painkillers, antidepressants, sleeping pills and anesthetics. They should help him do the job he wanted himself to do. But they only made him weaker. In the end, according to his mentor Shmuley Boteach, Michael Jackson's death was inevitable because he himself was no longer able to stop the train into the abyss. He dies on June 25, 2009, ten days before the start of the "This is it" tour. The addiction to attention, which he mistook for love, had driven him into a hopeless situation.

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