How good are Wow Beauty products

HelloBody products put to the test: what is the truth about the beauty hype?

Many influencers have been sharing their experiences with the HelloBody brand on Instagram for a long time and there has been a real hype about the products with the beautiful packaging. Many influencers also rave about the great effects of cosmetics.

HelloBody products are vegan, cruelty-free and mostly contain natural ingredients. In addition, the cosmetics are made in Germany because they come from Berlin. The disadvantage: The HelloBody products have a high price.

Are you wondering if the hyped brand is worth the price? We took a closer look at it.

HelloBody products: which ones are there?

HelloBody now offers products not only for the face, but also for the body and hair. In addition to shampoo, conditioner and hair oil, you can buy shower gel, peeling or body lotion.

But what many of us have probably already seen on Instagram are the care products for the face. There are different product lines that are tailored to specific skin needs.

Particularly popular in the community: The "COCO" series, which is said to be especially suitable for normal to dry skin and includes products from facial cleansing to subsequent moisturizing care. HelloBody also offers the "ALOƉ" and "CARA" lines for dry skin or sensitive skin.

Practical: HelloBody sets are available to buy that contain several products from one care line and should therefore offer the perfect all-round package.

HelloBody products: experience in cosmetics

Probably the biggest negative point, which puts many off, is the high price of the HelloBody products. But is the purchase still worthwhile and does the cosmetic really do what it promises? Definitely! At least that's what the testers say on the Internet.

Many report that their complexion improves after a short time and that impurities are reduced. In addition, the HelloBody products should make the skin incredibly soft and supple.

But can that really be true? We wanted to know and tested some of the products ourselves.

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HelloBody products in the test: That's what the editors say

For our test, we did not try a complete HelloBody set, but rather several individual products from different care lines. Among other things, the "COCO MELT" make-up remover balm and the "COCO PURE" detox face peeling.

What we really like about "COCO MELT" is the delicious smell of coconut and almond. It is easy to use and the skin actually feels very soft and good afterwards.

The "COCO PURE" peeling also smells pleasant, especially for coffee lovers! After the application, the face actually smells of coffee. And the effect is really bombastic, because the skin looks well-groomed and cleared.

Our conclusion: Every skin is different and reacts differently to cosmetics. Therefore: Everyone has to try out for themselves how to get along with the HelloBody products. However, we can confirm their good effect and definitely recommend them to others.

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Created on March 31, 2020