What is your rating of Citibank

Citibank (Switzerland)

Person-dependent superior behavior

Ex-employee or workerWorked for this company until 2007.

I think it's good about the employer

When competent supervisors communicate well.

I think it's bad about the employer

When competent supervisors leave suddenly and without notice.
If the following superiors do not take on their responsibility and then give the employees responsibility for it and start to control defiantly in a defiant manner.

Suggestions for improvement

The communication of some superiors offers development potential

Working atmosphere

I enjoyed going to work. The atmosphere was good. I was also motivated to take on the last project. However, the managerial behavior that I experienced during this last project was the absolute extinguisher.


I felt good working there. The behavior of superiors and the practice of delegating responsibility for planning errors downwards, where nothing could simply be done to compensate for the errors made above, is out of the question.

Work-life balance

I was even able to take a brief, unpaid leave for family matters at one point.

Career / further education

The options were good.

Salary / social benefits

Salary and social benefits were okay, but in comparison they are a little lower than at other, similar companies.

Environmental / social awareness

The company is economically and socially committed.

Cohesion among colleagues

The teamwork was excellent.

Dealing with older colleagues

The mix seems good.

Managerial behavior

Changing superiors was problematic. First supervisor was first class, unfortunately left the company. Her successor communicated through a middleman, resulting in false instructions. The responsibility for the result of the incorrect instruction was passed 100% on to the wrongly instructed: The supervisor did not take care of the project, did not check, came after two months with complaints or the termination. As a control of the project, the supervisor's middleman checked each dossier before it was sent on. However, the dossiers apparently remained on his desk - especially during his absence - and were passed on in an uncontrolled manner. Only the wrongly instructed person was held responsible for the error rate of approx. 10% incomplete dossiers found in the following. In response to his feedback that the dossiers should be checked a second time due to their complexity, this apparently did not happen and the person in charge (the manager's middleman) was temporarily absent for days or weeks, close-knit to harassment several times a day by the department head on Workplace visited and checked, so exposed in front of all other employees. The tonality of the department head had already been conspicuously aggressive or disparaging towards my immediate supervisor (who unfortunately left the company), but at least acceptable towards me until the horror project with the new immediate supervisor.
It should be mentioned that the project was under great time pressure and that delays caused costs. It was precisely for this reason that I was asked to do it, because I was considered quick and precise. But I'm not the human garbage can for the problems and bad planning of superiors. The dismissal discussion, which the manager responsible for the project led, was ultimately just under every sow, insulting and unfair. It is clear that, as the person responsible for the project, he probably got his hat washed too, but it is not acceptable to have an unobjective and unfair dismissal discussion about it. My answer was that I took all overtime and vacation time and that my successor could no longer be fully trained by me. The bank's answer: I was allowed to wait a disproportionately long time for the job reference.
In summary: the management style is very person-dependent, in some cases it is out of the question.


Internal communication under the first line manager was very good. After her departure and the change to the new manager, the communication was miserable.

equal rights

The company seems exemplary in this regard.

Interesting tasks

The tasks were interesting, and holiday substitution in other departments also contributes to a varied day-to-day work. With project work it was possible to divide the work yourself. As a rule, I was finished sooner than the time budget was available. With the last project, on the other hand, there was already time pressure when I was assigned, it was already "after the deadline", chronic. There was no room for division; work had to be done as quickly as possible.