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Here you can find the bestsellers of the air coolers, which are currently the most popular. The air cooler top list is updated regularly and remains that way Always up to date! Take a look through the top list and then decide on an air cooler of your choice.

The most important things about the air cooler at a glance:

# 1 best seller
Klarstein Skyscraper Ice - 4-in-1 mobile air conditioner: air cooler, ...
  • STYLISH: Fourfold refreshing in the stylish ventilation tower: The Klarstein Skyscraper Ice 4-in-1 air cooler provides you with a precise 4-in-1 efficiency as a fan, air cooler, air purifier and air humidifier with a cool breeze.
  • POWERFUL: With a powerful air throughput of 210 m³ / h, the Klarstein Skyscraper Ice, as a fan, sets sluggish summer air in motion and creates a pleasant breeze at three speeds. In combination with the air cooler function, the air flow is also pleasantly cooled.
  • WATER TANK: For this, water is evaporated from the 6 liter tank through a honeycomb filter. This removes heat from the air flowing through in a natural and extremely energy-saving way - the air flow becomes a pleasantly cool breeze and refreshes with pinpoint accuracy.
  • COOLING PACKS: Two exchangeable cooling packs for the water tank can also lower the temperature for even more refreshment if required. This makes the Klarstein Skyscraper Ice a welcome helper not only in summer: as a humidifier, it declares war on dry heating air in winter.
  • OSCILLATION: If more than one person is to be refreshed, vertical and horizontal oscillation can be activated separately to let the air flow wander.
# 2 best seller
Klarstein Maxfresh - 3-in-1 mobile air conditioner: air cooler, fan & ...
  • TIMER: Using a control panel or remote control, the feel-good airflow can be set according to your individual wishes. Four wind speeds, switchable horizontal oscillation and a timer for up to 15 hours allow adaptation to refreshment needs.
  • 3 MODES: In addition to the normal mode, the nature mode simulates increasing and decreasing wind. The night mode works on a similar principle, but gradually reduces the maximum wind speed until the device finally stops operating.
  • REFRESHING EFFECT: In combination with the air cooler function, the refreshing effect is intensified. The ambient air is cooled using the natural principle of water evaporation: the 3-in-1 air cooler sucks in warm air at the rear and humidifies it.
  • WATER TANK: The tank can be filled with up to 6 liters of water for a long operating time. Two exchangeable ice packs for the water tank can also lower the temperature for even more refreshment if required.
  • PERFORMANCE: And with just 55 watts of power consumption, the Maxfresh is the environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioning, especially in continuous operation. Infinitely refreshing, thanks to the fold-out handle and integrated floor rollers, the Klarstein Maxfresh air cooler is completely mobile.
# 3 best seller
Pro Breeze 10 liter mobile air cooler 4-in-1 with 3 levels, LED display + ...
  • Enormous cooling capacity: An extra large 10L water tank and a powerful cooling system provide an unbeatable air volume of 408 m³ / h and is perfect for cooling medium-sized rooms in your home or office.
  • 4-in-1 operation: This portable space cooler has four main functions, including air cooling (evaporator cooling), ventilation only, nature and a night mode. A perfect addition to every home - especially bedroom, office and living room - also as a humidifier!
  • LED display, remote control + timer: Enjoy full control over all operating settings, the 7.5 hour timer and 3 speed levels. Either with the remote control or with the user-friendly LED display.
  • Large water tank for water cooling: Fill the 10L water tank with cold water and cooling packs (2 pieces included) so that the device can cool and humidify the air. This is particularly helpful against dry heat and low humidity in summer.
  • Mobile + portable: The mobile air conditioner is equipped with four preassembled castors and is therefore immediately ready for use - simply carry your portable air conditioner from room to room | Dimensions: 38 x 33 x 75 cm
# 4 best seller
oneConcept Carribean Blue - Air cooler with air purification and ...
  • FLOOR ROLLERS: The individual functions and the setting of the ventilation speed are operated using six large buttons on the top of the device. The Caribbean Blue has four floor rollers with which it can be easily moved.
  • CARIBBEAN AT HOME: Bring the cool Caribbean breezes into your home. With the Caribbean Blue air cooler, a fresh breeze blows in your four walls even on the hottest summer day. The device is a combination of fan, air conditioner and air freshener.
  • FILTER SYSTEM: The air cooler works not only as an air conditioner, but also as an air freshener. All air passes through an effective filter system that has declared war on dust. All filters can be easily removed and cleaned by hand.
  • SMART: Another plus point of the air cooler is the complete elimination of installation restrictions, insofar as even mobile air conditioning systems require an exhaust air hose that extracts the exhaust air and therefore requires an installation location close to the window.
  • WATER TANK: The air cooler moves up to 400 m³ of air in one hour. If the cooling function is now switched on, the device begins to evaporate water from its 4 liter tank, which noticeably cools the air bypassed and your room.
# 5 best seller
Air conditioners with water cooling, air conditioner, air cooler with ...
  • ❄ 【3 in 1 multifunction】 Not only is it a personal air conditioner, it can also be used as a humidifier and an air purifier. Thanks to the spray function, you will feel much cooler using the spray function as a desktop fan.
  • ❄ 【90 ° Angle Swing】 This portable air cooler can circulate cool air over a wider area using wide angle oscillation technology. Choose between the 3 settings for low, medium or high wind to achieve the optimal temperature control.
  • ❄ 【Rapid cooling】 After the fan has drawn in hot air, the water in the water tank is separated into many small water droplets by the centrifugal device and blown by the wind. Hot air and water exchange heat and cold to ensure that the blown wind is cool and comfortable. Note: This article can only give a surface cooling of 37.4-41 ℉, but cannot be compared to an air conditioner.
  • ❄ 【Humanized design】 The wind direction can be adjusted 60 ° up and down. 2/4/6 hour timer. When the water tank is filled with water, the atomizer can work for 4 hours and enjoy your free time, sleep or work time. If there is a lack of water, when atomization mode is selected, a red light will flash and it will turn off automatically after five reminders. The atomizing function is not performed, which is very safe.
  • ❄ 【Convenient dismantling and handling】 Easy to transport; The water tank cover can be completely removed. It is easy to clean the water tank and place ice cubes which is great for home, office, outdoor picnic, travel, etc.
# 6 best seller
QUARED Mobile Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Air Cooler Quiet Fan with ...
  • ❄️ 【Multifunctional air conditioner】 The big turbofan makes strong wind and the air conditioner evaporates ice water and humidified air through the water curtain to cool the air and provide you cold wind in hot summer, turn on the negative ion function, can 3.5 Release millions of negative ions and freshen the air.
  • ❄️ 【Practical Mobile Air Conditioner】 Equipped with four universal wheels on the bottom of the device, it can be easily moved into the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. With the remote control you can easily set 1-7h timing, 3 wind speeds and 3 modes.
  • ❄️ 【Multi-angle cold air supply】 The fan blades can automatically turn 90 ° in the horizontal direction or set manually by 120 ° in the vertical direction. It can be closed completely when not in use to prevent dust accumulation.
  • ❄️ 【Several modes and gears】 The air flow can be adjusted using the 3 variants 'Nature', 'Sleep' and 'Normal'. The nature mode simulates a natural, uneven air flow. In addition, three wind speeds can be set. Free 4 ice crystal boxes to be used together with the air cooler to make the wind cooler.
  • ❄️ 【5L upper and lower water tank】 The upper water tank is easy to fill with water, and it is better to use it with ice crystals. The lower water tank is equipped with drainage holes for easy cleaning of the water tank.
# 7 best seller
oneConcept CTR-1-4-in-1 air cooler, fan, humidifier, ...
  • CLEVER: Summer, sun, refreshment: the oneConcept CTR-1 4-in-1 air cooler, a clever combination of a fan, air cooler, air humidifier and air purifier, provides precise refreshment, whether in the office or at home.
  • WATER TANK: If you now switch on the air cooler function, the blower air is also slightly cooled by the evaporation of water from the 8 liter tank of the device and refreshes you when working at your desk, relaxing on the couch or cooking in the Kitchen.
  • COOLING PACKS: You can use two cooling packs to intensify this effect. And even in winter or in hot, dry areas, the humidifier proves to be helpful by humidifying the air flow and thus providing relief to troubled, dry mucous membranes.
  • PRACTICAL: Not enough, then use the integrated ionizer, which turns the CTR-1 into a practical air purifier. The released ions not only bind odors, but also dust particles or pollen and allow them to sink from the air.
  • COMFORTABLE: The air cooler is supplied with a practical remote control for easy and convenient control of all functions. Thanks to its four floor rollers, the air cooler is fully mobile and accompanies you to every location without any problems.
# 8 best seller
Mobile air conditioners Mini air cooler, Mobile air conditioner quiet, Air cooler ...
  • ❄ 【Portable 4 in 1 air cooler air conditioner】 Our air conditioner small is a combination of fan humidifier and air conditioner, equipped with an air cooler, a humidifier and an LED mood light. You can just use it as a fan or add ice / water / essential oil to make it a mini air conditioner by creating moist and fresh cold air. Choose it so you can create your own comfort zone and enjoy the coolness in summer.
  • ❄ 【Timer function & quiet operation】 Do you need a cooling system to help you fall asleep, but don't want to cool down all night to cool off? Don't worry, our evaporative air cooler is equipped with a timer function that allows you to switch between 2 and 4 hours depending on your needs.
  • ❄ 【7 colors LED & 3 wind speed mode】 This cooler can also be used as a LED mood light with 7 different colors. Color mode and single color mode. You can turn it off or use it as a mini night light. Turn on color mode, color can be changed automatically. 3 gear wind speed (high, medium, low) for your choice, you can adjust the wind speed according to your need.
  • ❄ 【Portable & Energy Saving】 This small air conditioner weighs only 0.9 kg and has a handle to take it anywhere, ideal for bedrooms, children's rooms, offices, reading corners, dormitories, homes, work rooms, basements and etc. Perfect for any room when traveling and much more. Our mist air cooler has low energy consumption to cut your electricity bill and it is completely suitable for our low carbon lifestyles.
  • 🎁 【Best summer gift & 24-hour online service】 1x personal air conditioning, 1x power adapter. Guarantee, we have a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your personal air cooler, please feel free to contact us. The small cooler is the best gift for family and friends in the summer. The sound of the product is less than 50 dB.
OfferBestseller No. 9
Livington Arctic Air - Air cooler with evaporative cooling - Mobiles ...
  • ✔ WITHOUT CHEMICALS - With the ingenious Hydro-Chill technology, the air conditioner with water ensures naturally cooled and humidified air, without any harmful chemicals.
  • ✔ PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONING UNIT - Thanks to its compact dimensions, the mini air cooler fits in every room. It is conveniently operated via a socket or USB connection without consuming a lot of electricity.
  • ✔ INDIVIDUALLY CUSTOMIZE - Seven selectable mood lights including color changes and three cooling levels create an oasis of well-being according to your needs and wishes.
  • ✔ VERSATILE USE - The mobile air conditioner creates a cool feel-good zone. It can be easily transported and can even be used when traveling via USB.
  • ✔ SCOPE OF DELIVERY & DETAILS - 1x Arctic Air evaporative cooler with 3 cooling levels and 7 mood lights, 1x USB cable (USB to mini-USB), 1x power plug.
# 10 best seller
Nuaer Mobile Air Conditioner Air Conditioner ...
  • 【Efficient cooling】 The mobile air conditioner cools and humidifies the air through the principle of evaporation of the water curtain. Two ice crystals are put into the water tank to accelerate the cooling of the air and achieve the required coolness (4 pieces of ice crystals can be used alternately) Not only is it humid and comfortable, but also can achieve a cooling effect of 5-10 ℃, the cooling efficiency is more than 50% than small air cooler
  • 【5L water tank & low power consumption】 Mobile air conditioning with a 5-liter upper and lower water tank with a large capacity. A full bucket of water can be chilled for another day. The power of the air cooler is 65 W, which means that it only uses 1.56 kW of electricity per 24 hours compared to other large air coolers and air conditioners and can save up to 40% of the usual costs.
  • 【3 wind modes / wind speed】 normal / sleep / natural wind, low / medium / high speed mode to meet your needs. Turbofan design can generate strong wind. Maximum wind speed at the air outlet 6.2m / s. The maximum distance that can be blown is 7 meters, The air volume per hour can reach 460m³ / h and is suitable for the whole family. The slow mode cools the air with a quiet sound and creates a peaceful sleeping environment
  • 【Negative ion function & wide-angle design】 Equipped with a high-pressure negative ion generator, it releases 3.5 million / cm³ highly concentrated oxygen-negative ions to make the air fresher. The fan blades can automatically rotate 90 ° left and right or manually rotate 120 ° the up and down directions to meet the air supply angle requirement, and the air volume is evenly distributed, which makes people cool and comfortable .
  • 【7 hour timer function & easy to use】 The timing function allows the air cooler to turn off automatically after 1-7 hours to meet your needs, saving valuable energy. It comes with a remote control that can be easily controlled within 5m. , The attached casters allow the device to be moved around and used immediately, as well as being easily moved to the bedroom, living room, kitchen and other places

What are air coolers?

Air coolers cool the air with a very simple method: The air cooler sucks in the circulating air, then cools it down with its ice or cold water filling and blows it out again to the front. This creates cool air.

Air coolers and what to look for

Especially in the apartment it is sometimes unbearably warm in summer and it is very difficult to fall asleep, especially at night. An air cooler can help here.

This does not cool rooms as well as a mobile air conditioner, but you also need it no exhaust hose. This has the advantage that air coolers are even more manoeuvrable than mobile air conditioning systems. They also weigh quite a bit less than portable air conditioners.

They are a clever alternative to air conditioning: low energy consumption and good cooling / refreshment performance.

However, air coolers never achieve the cooling performance that a mobile air conditioning system can achieve.

Often, air coolers are combination devices. you arefan, Air cooler and air freshener in one. The fan inside the air cooler is often equipped with different speed levels.

With water cooling - a water tank for cooling

Water-cooled air coolers are devices in which the air cooler has a Water tank owns, which has to be replenished regularly. The appropriate coolness in the device is achieved through the water. Often with ice or Cold packs worked.

If the cooling function is switched on, the air cooler begins to evaporate water from its tank, which cools the air that is passed by. Air cooler with water cooling are more effective and cool much better than pure fans.

Tip: if you fill the water tank with ice cubes, the cooling performance is often increased again. Then an air cooler with water cooling makes a lot of sense! But be sure to read the operating instructions.

Suitable for allergy sufferers

An air cooler can also be a great relief for allergy sufferers. All air that is sucked in through the ventilation system is connected to a filter system and takes care of it clean and pollen-free indoor air. Usually an improvement occurs after a few weeks.

Without exhaust hose

The advantage of the air cooler: such an air conditioner does not require an exhaust hose. This means that the air coolers are very mobile. They also do not require a complex installation and have castors so that the cooling device can be easily set up and moved. In addition, many devices have a remote control, which makes operation even easier.

But be careful: an air cooler is only one better fan. If you really want to lower the room temperature, you need proper air conditioning. Read our guide “Air conditioner without exhaust hose”!

Questions and answers about air coolers

✅ What does an air cooler do?

An air cooler is first and foremost a better fan. The only difference is that most air coolers are so-called evaporative coolers. The sucked in air comes into contact with a damp surface. The humidified air then provides temporary cooling.

✅ How does an air cooler work?

Simple air coolers, like a fan, blow the air into the room through a fabric or fleece. Better air coolers humidify the sucked in air. The moist air creates a cooler effect. However, the humidity in the room also increases.

✅ How effective are air coolers?

Air coolers are by no means real air conditioners. They temporarily cool the room air and there is almost no drop in room temperature. In addition, air coolers with evaporative cooling increase the humidity in the room. However, this effect ensures that you sweat even more. Proper air conditioning systems lower the humidity to a comfortable level.

✅ How does an air conditioner work without an exhaust hose?

Correct air conditioning systems, i.e. cooling devices that really lower the room temperature, never work efficiently without an exhaust hose. The warm room air must always be transported out of the room. An air cooler does not have an exhaust hose, but it does not lower the room temperature either.

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