Is there a software for creating flashcards

Internet Create index cards online - these are the tools you can use


Index cards are still one of the most popular learning methods. But always writing everything down by hand can be quite tedious in the long run. That's why there are now a few tools that you can use to easily create your index cards online. We have put some of them together for you.

Here you can create index cards online


Registration is required for GoConqr. This can be done via your email address. But you can also use a Facebook or Google account. Here you have the option of creating your own index cards and sorting them according to subject areas. You can write on the cards. With one click you turn the card over and then indicate yourself whether you answered the question correctly or incorrectly. You can also assign tags to the flashcards so that you can learn even better by subject. GoConqr's basic program is free. The premium version costs € 29.95 per year. Here you can upload up to 1 GB of media data, use private resources and even sell the cards you have created on the GoConqr marketplace.

Registration is also required for To do this, you need to store your email address and add a password. The website can be used free of charge, but the operator reserves the right to charge some services. Index is based on the principle of the classic index card system. Index cards can be created, which are then assigned to boxes 1 to 9. All new cards go into the ninth box. The more often you answer the card correctly, the further it moves forward in the box system. You can also look at lessons that have already been created by other users.


Repetico is an index card service that can be used in the basic version with a free registration. However, some offers, such as index card sets offered by specialist publishers, are subject to a charge. You also need the Repetico Pro offer for some functions (such as memory expansion or the creation of more than two sets of cards). You pay € 19.99 a year for this. You can use Repetico in the browser or as an app. You can create and use flashcards alone or with friends. In addition, various learning and query methods are offered so that you can adapt the learning optimally to your needs. Individual notes can also be created for the index cards.

display is available both as a browser version and as an app. Here you can create your own index cards and sort them by topic. You can either answer the index cards with true or false in the classic way. Alternatively, you can use the intelligent learning mode, in which you can practice the content first and then be queried in three runs. A big advantage here: the website is absolutely free to use.