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The Little Prince - ܡܠܟܘܢܐ ܙܥܘܪܐ

Book Description

It all starts with the nameless narrator of the story - he knows some autobiographical features of Saint-Exupéry - makes an emergency landing in the desert. With water that will last him for a maximum of eight days, the pilot, full of displeasure, goes to repair his aircraft. He was amazed when suddenly one morning he was startled from sleep by a gentle voice. In front of him is a little boy who doesn't seem scared in the least, even though he's so far from civilization. At first the narrator doesn't learn much about the little fellow, but he soon realizes that this boy had to come from another planet. This is how the narrator makes the acquaintance of the little prince. And indeed! Little by little he can elicit details from the little prince about his origins and so he learns about his little planet, his unique flower, his three volcanoes and his journey to the planets of a king, a vain, a drunkard, a lighter, a businessman and of a researcher until he finally came to planet Earth.

But here the little prince is very lonely and he is drawn back to his home. So he finally decides to say goodbye; in a tragic way. "It will look like I'm dead," said the little prince ...

Those whose eyes remain dry with this touching story must truly have a very tough disposition. Because behind the child's facade there is so much wisdom about friendship, love, affection and grief that you cannot absorb all of this immediately. Again and again you discover new, hidden notes and you are always surprised at what Antoine de Saint-Exupéry achieved with his book.

This little book is peppered with impressive and true wisdom that must have an effect on the reader. The bottom line is it's just a great story and should have been read at least once in a lifetime. Especially the things that the Little Prince learns about friendship and passes on to us are wonderful. You read and read and read and smile openly or to yourself, because this little prince is so loving and personable that you love him from the first page on.

As you read, you keep thinking: “How right he is!” You can only see clearly with the heart, the essentials are invisible to the eye. A book for people who are really close to your heart and who you want to give special pleasure.

Review by Valentino Dunkenberger