Which foods are bad for a microwave

The microwave beckons every day. It warms up food quickly and is a practical helper. But there are some foods that you should keep away from the microwave.

The day has been long and my stomach growls. Now quickly warm up yesterday's food in the microwave and off you go. That sounds tempting, but it's not a good idea for all foods.

Radiation doesn't kill bacteria

For some people it is Microwave radiation is dangerous per se and so you might get the idea that it kills bacteria too. However, this is a misconception. Only heat reliably kills bacteria on and in food. At short and uneven heating in the microwave so it can be uncomfortable Food poisoning come. These foods are particularly vulnerable.


Many people find it unnecessary to keep boiled potatoes in the refrigerator. The trustworthy tubers are not all that harmless. On cooked potatoes feel bacteria at room temperature very comfortable and begin to multiply happily. If potatoes are then briefly reheated in the microwave, the result can be a bad stomach.

Ingenious: it's so easy to poach an egg in the microwave


The same applies to Reis: his vest is not as white as its color. Store leftover rice in the refrigerator, only then can you safely reheat it in the microwave and enjoy it.


Raw chicken is a particular candidate. Romp on the flesh so many pathogensthat you shouldn't even wash it off. These pathogens, for exampleSalmonella, are also why you are Keep raw chicken away from the microwave should. The radiation only heats the meat irregular. But it should be Core temperature of at least 70 degrees and preferably for more than ten minutes.

Of course, you can also heat food sufficiently in the microwave to kill any bacteria. The quick preparation tempts you to let the food stew in the appliance for too short rather than too long. Since the radiation itself has no influence on the bacteria, the short heating time is often not enough.

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