What is the personality of G Dragons


G-Dragon was born in the South Korean capital Seoul. He has an older sister named Dami.

He has two dogs named Gaho and Jolie that are Sharpei dogs.

G-Dragon studied postmodern music at Kyung Hee University in Seoul.


G-Dragon has been active since childhood. He made his first TV appearance on the children's show "Bbo Bbo Bbo" and became a member of the group "Little Roora" when he was only seven years old.

He then switched to SM Entertainment and trained there for five years before becoming a YG Entertainment trainee at the age of 12.

G-Dragon originally trained with Taeyang for six years to debut as a duo, but the other three members were added and he made his debut as the leader of Big Bang in 2006.


G-Dragon is very expressive and has great stage presence, but he's very shy in private.

He is very artistic and often changes his hairstyle. He also has a lot of tattoos.

He would have loved to become a fashion designer if he weren't a singer, because he's very interested in fashion.

G-Dragon and other idols

First of all, his relationships with his group members should be mentioned. G-Dragon spent a lot of time with Taeyang as they trained together for six years to become a duo. But he knows T.O.P. also since childhood.

They shared several stories on many occasions that he is very strict with his colleague, Seungri.

G-Dragon has also known Kangin (Super Junior) since childhood.

His best friend was JunK (2PM) while they were trainees.

G-Dragon as an artist

G-Dragon wrote and composed many Big Bang songs. He is the idol who has the most licenses for his composed songs. Some people therefore consider him the king of the KPops.

He made his solo debut in 2009. His debut album was called "Heartbreaker" and earned him several awards, including the "Mnet Asian Music Award" in 2009.

G-Dragon is also engaged in the fashion world. He is the Chanel ambassador to South Korea. He is also the face of YG Entertainment beauty brand Moonshot Korea.

Unfortunately, G-Dragon has been involved in some scandals over marijuana and its alleged girlfriends.

He is currently on hiatus as he joined the Korean Army in 2018 and is expected to come back in October 2019.