Why is today's music so garbage

Magazines for music lessons in primary, secondary and day-care centers:

Are you looking for up-to-date and creative ideas on how to arouse enthusiasm for music in your daily work at school and daycare? Then you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here in the Lugert shop! We offer you tried and tested teaching materials, copy templates and practical books for kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. We also publish the magazines Musik im Kita, POPi.G. - Pop music in elementary school, practice of music lessons - The green notebooks and music and lessons.

Are you an educator? The beetle is jingling with Da! bring animal join-in songs to the crib or structure your day-to-day day-care life with musical ritual songs (from kissing goodbye to closing daycare).

Our teaching materials for primary schools are generally easy and easy to teach by non-specialist teachers. With the Classic in Primary School series, you can playfully get your class excited about classical music (with Carnival of the Animals, Peer Gynt and The Four Seasons, etc.). You will also find numerous musicals for elementary school or concepts for musical performances for school enrollment, farewell or for Christmas. Always with the usual high quality standards in the selection of songs and the music productions: Listen to it in linen go!, Candles on !, doors open or owl finds the beat.

For secondary levels I and II, we offer a wide range of pedagogically sound materials that promote creative use of music and set standards in preparation for work and study: In our successful series of station learning you will find many learning circles on central topics of the curriculum. New music, romanticism, baroque or other musical genres are also discussed in the upper music level and processed for well-founded music lessons.

We also make many of our materials available to you in digital form as downloads.