Is the Roseanne TV show canceled forever?

Before the start: "The Conners" - "Roseanne" -continued from today on the Disney Channel

"The Conners" is the immediate sequel to "Roseanne", which was more inevitable. Because at the beginning of 2018 the story of Roseanne Conner (Roseanne Barr) and her family clan in the USA was resumed after a 20-year break - in particular the controversial end of the series was ignored, according to which large parts of the plot were conceived by Roseanne and, for example, Dan ( John Goodman) died of a heart attack.

The revival turned out to be very popular in the USA. The first episode of the comeback season was watched by an overwhelming 25 million Americans - the sitcom was the most successful series restart of the past season. However, with her idiosyncratic manner and finally a racist tweet classified as unacceptable, Roseanne Barr lost her job ( reported). The Network ABC separated from Barr with immediate effect and announced the discontinuation of the sitcom, which had actually already been extended for another season. Cast members distanced themselves from Barr's statement. In addition, broadcasters and streaming services threw repeats of the series from the program.

But it wasn't even a month before ABC gave the green light for a continuation of the series without the title-giver Roseanne Barr. The spin-off "The Conners" tells the story of the family from the fictional US small town Lanford - without their female head. With the exception of Roseanne Barr, all ensemble members are back on board. Barr is no longer entitled to any profit-sharing or any other form of participation in the new series under an agreement.

In the first episode of "The Conners" viewers learn how Roseanne Conner died and how the family deals with the loss. Daughter Darlene (Sara Gilbert), who had moved into her parents' house with her two children, is now the linchpin of the family. During the US launch, we analyzed in detail whether "The Conners" would function without their late matriarch: to criticism.

Originally, the "Roseanne" revival season should also be seen on Disney Channel. But after the negative headlines about Roseanne Barr, she stayed in the archives in Germany to this day. The first season of “The Conners”, on the other hand, has been available for several months on the Prime Video streaming service.