Is empathy an emotion or a perspective



[engl. empathy; gr. ἐμπάθεια (empatheia) Passion, intense feeling], [EM], is the affective (affect) empathy of the presumed emotion of another living being on the basis of the cogn. Understanding this emotion and maintaining the Differentiation between self and other. Affective empathy describes the inner experience of emotions that act. are only active because the other person is active in these (presumed) emotions. experienced. Cogn. Understanding describes the recognition of and insight into the (presumed) causes of the other person's emotions. Differentiation between self and other exists when the other person's emotions triggering empathy are consciously experienced as belonging to that other person and not as a genuine emotion of their own. Empathy is mostly conceptualized as an ability or disposition. The ability aspect describes the extent to which a person is potentially able to experience empathy in comparison to others when they act. is motivated. The aspect of disposition describes the typical behavioral tendency of a person in comparison to others to experience empathy in everyday life. The concrete extent of empathy depends not only on the individual ability and disposition but also on situational factors such as one's own emot. Stability, the affection for the counterpart or the perceived similarity with the counterpart.

Terms to be delimited include: Adoption of perspectives (cogn. Understanding), emotional contagion (affective compassion without cogn. Understanding and without differentiation between self and others), compassion (experiencing caring emotions, but that Not correspond to the suspected emotions of the other person), prosocial behavior (socially desirable help behavior based on empathy, compassion or other motives) and emotional intelligence (perceiving, understanding and influencing one's own and other people's feelings). Communication, non-violent, mentalistic everyday psychology.

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