What novels are set in San Francisco

The Bartender: Roman (San Francisco Hearts Volume 1)

Who would have thought that sleeping with the enemy would be so fun?

Was the one night stand a good idea? In retrospect, probably not. In my defense, all I can say is that I had just lost my dream job, moved back to my grandparents house in San Francisco, and a guy from Tinder had transferred me. It was as if life had put the "loser" stamp on me. And when the guy behind the bar looked at me with that look, with his perfect three-day beard, the biceps that bulged under his shirt, and with that grin ... I admit that I acted impulsively. But I couldn't know who the bartender really was ...

From Piper Rayne are published by Forever by Ullstein:
The bartender
The boxer
The banker

Readers' voices:

A successful, tingling reading experience, with a lot of charm, wit and the right pinch of eroticism. The reading time can fly by very quickly here! (Bookseller Ursula K.)

I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud while reading a novel! But these two authors manage to combine a love story, a lot of humor and a good shot of eroticism. An all-round successful mixture! I would even give 6 stars if I could. (Bookseller Heine bookstore)

I absolutely love this book. Whitney's crazy antics made me laugh. The sparks between her and Cole just flew. I highly recommend this book. (Amazon Customer)

For me, the "San Francisco Hearts" series is definitely one of the "must-reads". Because I really like the Protas in Volume 1 and would like to accompany the two friends with pleasure. (mienchen112 on Vorablesen.de)

I needed handkerchiefs endlessly. And not because it was so sad, no, I laughed tears. This book saved me a day. I want more! (Bookseller Merle Reuter on NetGalley.de)

I enjoyed these reading lessons incredibly. Trials, confusions and the head to heart fight kept me in suspense for hours. (Book & Emotion on Facebook)

A great love story with a great sense of humor, a good dose of sarcasm, a dash of eroticism and a nice happy ending. (Kerstin M on NetGalley.de)