How do we maintain a rotary kiln

Reduced downtime on a rotary kiln maintenance project in Norway

Time and again, Caldarys Nordic proves its ability and competence to manage large and complex maintenance projects from A to Z. Calderys Nordic has the maintenance project earlier than planned for the TiZir Titanium & Iron A / S plant in Tyssedal, Norway, which produces 200,000 tons of titanium slag and 110,000 tons of high-purity pig iron annually.

The main objectives of maintenance work:

  • Complete renovation of the rotary kiln (length 72 m, diameter 5.8 m)
  • Repairs in the quench tower
  • Repairs in the rotary cooler
  • Repairs in the rust

The maintenance was originally planned for 3 weeks, and we had discussions with the customer about the prior to the project Efficiency of the SPRAYCAST system took placebecause the customer was familiar with this procedure. At the customer's request, the Scope of delivery doubled compared to the original scope. Thanks to its plant and equipment, Calderys was able to double the unexpected amount without delay and in an optimal quality to deliver and install!

Due to their high level of competence in project management and preparation, the Calderys Nordic teams were able to:

  • To destroy 64 meters of slag from the 72-long rotary kiln
  • Over 12,000 anchors to be marked and welded (see photo above)
  • Over 2000 m of seals to be installed
  • To deliver and install over 700 tons of refractory material (instead of the intended 350 tons)

At the same time the quench tower, the rotary cooler and the grate were also repaired, partly with the help of a helicopterto lift various precast elements, scaffolding and safety devices.

There Safety is paramount to Calderys, innovative solutions have also been implemented to ensure the necessary protection against waste of old materials during the destruction of the slag.

Thanks to its SPRAYCAST solutions, Calderys significantly reduce the project duration. Thanks to the Calderys product range, the customer has high-performance casting compounds that can be installed quickly.

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