Is Scott Weiland still alive

Cause of death unknown

Little is known about Weiland's death so far. A statement was posted on the singer's Instagram and Facebook pages that the 48-year-old died "in his sleep" while touring with his band The Wildabouts, stopping in Bloomington, Minnesota. The concert, which was supposed to take place there on Thursday evening, had been canceled due to sluggish ticket sales, as a critic of the newspaper "Minneapolis Star Tribune" wrote on Twitter. According to TMZ, Weiland was found in his tour bus.

A past full of drug excesses

In the past, Weiland has made headlines for drug possession and abuse. He was repeatedly arrested in the 1990s for possession of crack or heroin. In 1999 he had to be treated for an overdose. According to his own statements, he was long past that time, although rumors occasionally surfaced that he would be taking drugs again.

"These demons are in the past. These are things that I went through 14 years ago," he said last year in an interview with journalist Rudy Blair. "This is not something that concerns me. I have long left the days of drug abuse behind." However, he was last caught with drugs in 2003. He was also arrested in 2007 for drink driving. In the same year, Weiland's brother Michael died of a drug overdose.

"An archetypal rock singer"

The LA Times describes Weiland as an "archetypal rock singer" not only because of his drug experiences, but also because of other ups and downs in his career. He celebrated his first major successes with the band Stone Temple Pilots, which was founded in the late 1980s and recorded various hits and a Grammy win in the 1990s. After internal and public disputes - including a fight - the members went their separate ways.

Weiland joined the band Velvet Revolver, which was founded by former Guns'N'Roses members. But there was trouble here too. Initial publications were overshadowed by Weiland's drug withdrawal, which he had to undergo in 2003. In addition, the singer caused unpredictable behavior on stage for resentment within the band. In 2008 he got out here too to rejoin the Stone Temple Pilots, only to part with them again in 2013.

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