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Audiobook downloads - have your favorite books read aloud

Do you like to immerse yourself in the stories of well-known authors such as Nora Roberts, Andreas Franz or Cecelia Ahern? But you don't want to carry a book around with you always and everywhere and still not forego the variety of stories, from fantasy & science fiction to crime novels & thrillers to fairy tales & legends? Then simply download your favorite books as an audio book and have them read to you! An audio book download accompanies you everywhere. Save as many stories as you want on your mobile devices. So you always have your own personal library with you. So from now on you can save yourself the hodgepodge of CDs if you decide to download an audio book. Dive into the new thrilling crime thriller for a moment on the train? Or use the drive to listen to a guide? Or enjoy the bestselling audiobooks in the evening before going to bed to relax and still feel well entertained. When it comes to audiobook downloads, you have a wide range of books to choose from, from the latest new releases to true classics such as Faust or the stories of Tom Sawyer. And all of this without turning a single page. Instead, immerse yourself in the listening world that awaits you with every audio book download. It is not uncommon for celebrities to be found among the readers, such as J├╝rgen von der Lippe, Christoph Maria Herbst or Carolin Kebekus. The speakers tell the stories in a varied and imaginative way and let you experience the books in a completely new way. At Thalia you will find many audiobooks bestsellers or radio plays and you can decide for yourself with your audio book download whether you prefer to buy it individually or take out a practical and inexpensive subscription for your audio book download.

Radio plays bring every story to new life

Something very special awaits you if you decide to download radio plays as an audio book. Because not only the spoken word awaits you here. Rather, there are also noises or music, so that the stories are brought to new life and you can completely immerse yourself in the adventures that await you here. And they range from the mutiny on the Bounty to Perry Rhodan to erotic stories. Radio plays are therefore pure entertainment in any case! And precisely because radio plays are designed to be so entertaining and entertaining, they are a great choice for children. At Thalia you will therefore also find your own radio play world just for children so that we can offer the right stories to younger listeners as well. Who doesn't like to think back to their own childhood and the radio plays in cassette form from back then, which one liked to listen to when falling asleep? To this day, radio plays have lost none of their appeal and are particularly convenient for today's young listeners to download.

Our audiobooks bestsellers - Discover the most popular audiobooks on Thalia

Would you like to download a new audiobook, but don't know which one it should be this time? Then use our bestselling audio books as inspiration! In this way you can see at a glance which current audiobooks are particularly in demand and which people like to download. Audiobooks Bestseller offer you a colorful mix of audiobooks from various genres. You are sure to discover one or the other audiobook download that you might not otherwise have noticed. With our bestselling audiobooks, you will no longer miss any highlights to listen to. Of course, this also includes many stories that have already topped the official bestseller lists as a printed edition in book form. And what was already a lot of fun to read can be experienced in a completely new way as an audio book download. The bestseller audio books are also always a good choice if you are looking for ideas for gifts to make other audio book friends happy. You can never go wrong with an audiobooks bestseller!