What are the secrets of successful marketing

The secrets of successful YouTube marketing

“... The presentation is entertaining and easy to understand even for laypeople. It offers lots of suggestions, lots of evidence, and references to successful videos. The most important contents can be found briefly summarized at the end of each chapter. Sentences and special recommendations are highlighted. Tables and infographics help to keep things clear. ... I warmly recommend reading this book, as there is valuable help with the "dos and don'ts" of this social media segment. It conveys the essential basic knowledge in an understandable way and gives courage to tackle the topic. " (Anja Gans, in: blog.beck-shop.de, March 2, 2017)

“... they describe clearly and using many practical examples how companies can set up or improve their own YouTube channel. By the way, the reader gets a better understanding of marketing in general and the YouTube generation that adores stars that so many adults have never heard of. " (in: Der Handel, issue 12, December 1, 2016)

"... If you are seriously thinking about a digital marketing strategy, there is no way around YouTube and thus this book ..." (Mark Hübner-Weinhold, in: Hamburger Abendblatt, September 24/25, 2016)

"... Opresnik and Yilmaz provide a long overdue, highly recommended manual to understand YouTube and use it sensibly." (in: Berliner Morgenpost, week 37, 2016)