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Trevor Philips

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T (by Michael and Franklin)
Trev (by Michael, Wade and Ron)
Uncle T (by Jimmy, Franklin and Tracey)
Jock (from Nigel)


Trevor Philips (* between 1963 and 1968 in Canada; possible death † 2013 near Los Santos) is a former military pilot and professional criminal from Grand Theft Auto V and one of the three protagonists of the game. He also appears as a supporting character and client in Grand Theft Auto Online, but is not playable there.


Like his friend Michael, he is in his mid-40s, but is the opposite of his buddy Michael. While Michael enjoys the luxury, Trevor lives in a shabby trailer in Sandy Shores, Blaine County and, unlike his friends, he is extremely rough about the matter and often loses his nerve and / or gets freaked out because of it. Furthermore, Michael's wife Amanda doesn't seem to think much of Trevor. He doesn't really care that he's heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol.

He had a difficult childhood marked by poverty and violence. His mother was a prostitute, which she confirmed in a mission, and had numerous relationships. His father had treated him very badly and probably hit him. He left the family when Trevor was a child. Trevor used to be a military pilot, but was no longer admitted to the service due to the negative psychological report. On the drive from Sandy Shores to Los Santos, Trevor tells Wade how he met Michael shortly after his expulsion from the Air Force and immediately engaged in criminal activities with him. For a coup it doesn't take a lot of persuasion to get him to cooperate. He later meets Franklin through Michael. It takes some time before he gets along well with him.

He also has a friend named Ron, who lives in the "adjacent" trailer and is considered a paranoid conspiracy theorist. During the story he is often found in Trevor's trailer, which he is supposed to protect from the Lost and other opponents. If Trevor should survive after the story, you can find him in front of or in the trailer.

In addition to his own use of drugs, he himself trades methamphetamine in Blaine County, where he enforces his trade monopoly ("Trevor Philips Industries"). He also spends a lot of time fighting the Los Santos chapter of the Lost Motorcycle Club.

If you decide to die at the end of the story, Franklin or Michael will first set him on fire after a chase and then shoot him.

Trevor is 1.86 meters tall and weighs 93 kilograms.


Even if you could call him a difficult guy, sometimes he can save the lives of others through courage, experience and fearlessness.

He is considered unpredictable and often switches back and forth between several sides of his personality. One experiences Trevor on the one hand as a ruthless egomaniac who puts his own goals and those of his "company" above everything else (and over heaps of corpses), on the other hand he shows himself to be his loyal partner for a long time after Michael's "rebirth" - and unexpectedly human Trevor reacts when he does not kill Ferdinand Kerimov as ordered after his torture, but leaves him alive and drives to the airport. You can never be sure that what Trevor does is all calculation, or that his instincts only control him.

He is particularly good at firefights and thanks to his training as a military pilot, he is also convincing in helicopter and aircraft missions. His special ability is a kind of rage mode in which he deals double damage in close and long-range combat and takes hardly any damage.

Grand Theft Auto Online

A few months before the plot begins in 2013, Trevor hires several mercenaries. Because Phillips has a buyer on hand who wants to pay for several different drugs. Trevor's plan is for the mercenaries to steal the drugs from several of Trevor's competitors, including the Lost, Ballas, and Vagos.

After all the buyer wants is put together in a warehouse, there is someone unknown to each party who has had the drugs stolen where their stuff is. Despite the attacks, the mercenaries and Trevor manage to escape with the drugs to Cape Catfish, where Phillips pays the mercenaries their wages before sending them away.

When the buyer named Phil arrives, he says Trevor's name during the conversation, although he shouldn't have known it. Phillips realizes he's been caught in a DEA trap. Trevor can disarm Phil, but when DEA reinforcements arrive, Trevor flees, leaving the drugs behind.


  • Trevor has several tattoos. On the left upper arm a cross with the words "RIP Michael" (dt. Rest in peace, Michael), which can be removed at any time at the player's request. There is a tattoo on the neck that says "Cut here". On the right forearm he has a tattoo in the shape of a spade (which can only be seen on GTA-V posters, not in the game itself) and on the back of the left hand a small skull. His fingers are also tattooed with the words "FUCK COPS".
  • Its zodiac sign is believed to be Aries as it comes in two tattoo designs to choose from. His "RIP Michael" tattoo can be replaced by a small ram skull, among other things, and an Indian ram tattoo is also available on the right upper arm.
  • According to some previews, Trevor was inspired by the typical gamer who likes to wreak havoc and havoc in the GTA series and knows no boundaries. Its appearance was modeled after Trevor's voice actor Steven Ogg.
  • Trevor hates clowns. In the side mission Grass roots - Trevor he shoots hallucinated clowns while intoxicated.
  • In the mission Mr. Philips he kills Johnny Klebitz, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, and other high-ranking members of the Lost.
  • Strangely enough, he is the protagonist who has the most money in his account at the beginning of the game and not Michael.
  • Often times when switching to Trevor he finds himself drunk and only in his underwear in a remote location, or he's in a two-star wanted-level chase with the police on a highway.
  • Michael describes Trevor several times as a hipster, to which he reacts angrily. Trevor hates them so much that he kills many of them in the fifth rampage.
  • If you go to a strip joint with Trevor, you learn that his mother was a stripper (the mother confirms this towards the end of the storyline).
  • He was born in Canada, or rather, in the Canadian border region and is sometimes addressed because of his Canadian accent (which he doesn't like at all).
  • It's possible Trevor should be way more aggressive than he is now. This can be seen in the movie sequence in which he kills Johnny, where he reacts far more aggressively than in the rest of the game.
  • Trevor met Michael when he was supposed to be smuggling something across the border. Both were in their mid-twenties at the time, Trevor was waiting on the tarmac for a car to come with the cargo, but two cars came, and one was Michael and the other was an old man. The old man yelled around and pointed at Michael. Trevor killed the old man with a signal pistol and Michael and Trevor had to take the body with them and drop it on the way at the lake (see conversation in the mission carrier).
  • His first robbery was $ 8,000, but he was in a store that owned him and he was jailed for six months, but was released early after four months.
  • If he moves into Floyd's apartment, he can use his teddy bear “Mr. "Play" raspberry puree. Most of the time he sniffs at him and whispers erotic things in his ear.
  • While playing golf, he mentions that he was a Canadian U18 champion and almost became a professional golf player.
  • Trevor is the only protagonist from GTA V that appears in GTA Online.
  • During the Vinewood souvenirs-Events confuses Nigel Trevor with Jock Cranley.
  • He used to be an Air Force pilot.
  • Steve Ogg, who lent his voice to Trevor, sometimes spoke his texts in his underwear to better understand the role.
  • When you switch to Trevor, he sometimes comes trudging out of a nightclub in women's clothes. It is also possible to check out him! Clothes to buy.
  • If you meet Trevor or one of the other two protagonists with another character outside of a mission (for example, when Michael temporarily moves into the caravan) and then follow him, each of the three protagonists will first issue a warning to the person following him and then turn around, about him k. o. to hit. This leads to an "out of action" and to the next hospital.
  • From the mission Drug hell It can be seen that he prefers the music on Channel X to other radio stations and thus likes punk to hardcore punk, as he first complains about the selected station, switches to Channel X himself and then rates the music well with a mumble.
  • As long as Trevor lives with Floyd, you can sometimes see that he and Floyd sleep very close together in the same bed when you go to see him at night.
  • His mother would have been happy if Trevor were gay (Franklin asks this when you meet him and Michael).
  • Trevor can purchase an item of clothing that resembles Jack Torrance's jacket and shirt from The Shining. The original name is “Overlooked Red Blouson”, an allusion to the Overlook hotel from “Shining”.
  • Though he is far from being a good citizen, Trevor at least seems to pay his taxes. At least he says when the police are chasing him: “Well, great! My tax money in action. ”But this is probably just a saying.
  • When Trevor was young, his father left him in a mall and never came back. Then Trevor torched the building.
  • Prostitutes and passers-by are repulsive to Trevor, even if you dress well and drive an expensive car.
  • Trevor swallowed a nose ring in the 1990s.
  • Trevor is bisexual. He takes whatever makes him happy. Gender does not matter here.
  • His beta or alias during the production of the game was "Simon".
  • Originally, Trevor was still on mission The Sharmoota thing planned, in which he was to raid Madrazo's villa together with Michael Martin. An unknown mission from "The Band" was to stop Trevor from sabotaging one of their concerts.

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