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Samuel L. Jackson lends his voice to Alexa

The star from "Pulp Fiction", the Marvel films and countless blockbusters can now be purchased as an alternative voice for Amazon's virtual assistant.

For example, who wouldn't want to be woken up with the famous Bible quote from Ezekiel 25:17?

"And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee. "
  • (Translated: "I want to perform great acts of revenge on those who try to poison and destroy my brothers, and I will punish them with anger that they should learn: I will be Lord when I have carried out my vengeance on them. ")

This - well, let's say - powerful passage, in the original and spoken by the real voice of Jules Winnfield from "Pulp Fiction"! The morning really starts right away. Or would Nick Fury's badass voice from the Marvel films be with current weather report more to your liking?
This is now possible, because Hollywood workoholic Samuel L. Jackson limits his urge to work - he has shot no less than 188 films so far - not only on the big screen. Now he lends his unique and very distinctive voice to Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa. This could already come up with several voice alternatives, such as male and female voices, local sound imprints, etc., but a Hollywood celebrity has not yet been among them.

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Samuel L. Jackson really starts with an "explicit" attitude

US users can now book Jackson's voice for 99 cents. And as the company blogs about it, it can "tell jokes, set timers and alarm clocks, play music and much, much more - all with a spark of personality" by Samuel L. Jackson.

And in order to stay in his most famous roles, there is even the option to choose between "explicit" and "non-explicit", that is, to switch the filter for swear words and swear words on and off Alexa can elicit the most "Fucks!", Don't wait long!

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