What is the difference between likelihood and credibility

Conceptual and conceptual basics for credibility in marketing communication

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The previous statements have shown that credibility is a possible assessment criterion for a customer with regard to information that is transmitted by the provider. But what exactly does credibility mean? Different approaches are conceivable for defining a term such as credibility. The term can be defined via the word history, the origin and historical development of the term in the language (etymological definition → Section 3.1). One can look at the current usage of words, which is defined in lexicons (lexical definition → Section 3.2). You can ask people what they understand by the term and systematically process this material (empirical definition → Section 3.3). Finally, previous scientific conceptions and relevant theoretical approaches can be used, compared and further developed (theoretical definition → Section 3.4). A distinction between the term and neighboring terms also contributes to a clear and precise definition (terminological distinction → Section 3.5). In this chapter, the concept of credibility, which is central to the work, is examined and determined on the basis of these various possible definitions and delimitations. The relatively detailed consideration also serves to discuss central aspects of the concept of credibility with regard to marketing communication and to derive a meaningful working definition for further investigation (→ Section 3.6).

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