How do I market my domain name

Domain check: examples of bad and good domain names

A good domain can bring a company to great success. With a good web address one can internet user by typing it directly of a keyword to lead to oneself. A good domain can be much cheaper than traditional advertising.Yes, but what exactly is a good domain?The following infographic shows you what you should consider when looking for a domain that is suitable for you, which criteria must be observed and shows examples of good and bad domain names.

Infographic: What Makes a Good Domain?

1. The name

The elementary Foundation of a company is the name. So also on the Internet! Therefore, you should consider what kind of domain name you are going to choose. Does the name of the domain make sense? Does the domain name convey the goals of the business enterprise? Or is the domain name in no way related to the content of the website?

The domain name should never be chosen arbitrarily. You should always have an intention and a sensible thought when choosing your domain name.

How is a good domain name structured?

  • short & crisp
  • descriptive
  • memorable
  • simple notation

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2. The location

Just as the name is an important part of a company, so can the Company location represent an equally essential aspect. It is the same for the name of a domain. In the infographic below are the two domain names"" and"" mentioned.

At first, these two domain names appear to be almost the same. But the two domain names are very different! "" is shorter, more memorable and easier to write, as "". These three factors alone determine not only the memorability of the domain name, but also the whole future success the company! However, if your website only covers a certain area, it can also make sense to integrate this geographical information into the domain. For example, run a directory page that lists all hairdressers in Hamburg "" makes perfect sense.

3. The types

A top level domain is the name given to the ending of a domain, e.g. ".de" or ".com".

There are Generic top level domains, in German general top level addresses. Some are for example:".Net" (network), ".Org" (organization) or ".Com" (commercial). These top level domains were originally only freely accessible for use by certain groups. But now many generic top level domains are freely accessible to all users.

There is also Country Code Top Level Domains, these are country-specific Top level domains such as ".de" (Germany), ".at" (Austria) or ".it" (Italy).

4. The price

Almost every web address costs money. The prices depend on the respective domain name and vary greatly from less than one million euros per month to domains that are worth millions. It should be noted that nowadays it is 15 million registered ".de" Domains there. Of those 15 million addresses, only 0.8 million have short and descriptive domain names!

5. The brand

With your own web address you can take advantage of your company or your brand authentic on the Internet market. In addition, you gain and strengthen that Trust yourCustomers! However, you need to secure the web address before anyone else does. Otherwise it could be expensive. Well-known brands often declare relevant domains that have already been assigned.

6. The cost comparison

Compared to traditional advertising media such as advertisements, TV or radio spots, a domain can use thecheapest way of advertising represent for your company. So use this! is the knowledge portal for specialists and managers in medium-sized companies, the self-employed, freelancers and start-ups.