How do I remember to remember

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(to remember

remember something / someone
to remind someone of something / someone
reminding someone to do something


Meanings and examples

1. have something / someone in mind (A2)

remember something / someone
remember when / how ...

  • I still remember Ms. Rosenbauer very well, my elementary school teacher.
  • If I remember correctly, they used to live in the house across the street.
  • Can you still remember the moment we met?
  • I can still remember it very well.
  • He can't remember what she looked like.

2. to remind someone of something / someone; evoke the memory of something / someone (A2)

to remind someone of something / someone

  • Please don't keep reminding me of it!
  • She no longer wants to be reminded of the incident.
  • The task of the memorial is to commemorate the atrocities of that time.
  • This place will always remind me of her.
  • This smell reminds me of my childhood.

3. make someone think about something; cause someone not to forget something (B1)

remind someone of something
reminding someone to do something

  • Would you please remind me that I still have to buy milk?
  • Please remind me to call them right away if we know anything new!
  • Please remind me again tomorrow!
  • If I forget, please remind me again!
  • Fortunately, you reminded me of her birthday. Otherwise I would have forgotten about him.

Synonyms and verbs with a similar meaning

to have kept something [1]
to wake up [2]
to point out something again [3]

Antonyms / opposite words

forget [1]
let forget [2]

Noun-verb connections

to remind you of something

remember something

  • They should be reminded again how they fared back then and how great the help was that they got back then.
  • We have to keep reminding ourselves of this past so that something like this never happens again.


have a memory like an elephant

remember things that happened a long time ago

  • It is amazing that you still know all this so well. You really have a memory like an elephant.
rummage in his memory

try to remember

  • Now rummage in your memory! It can't be that you've forgotten.
Since human recollection

as long as you can remember

  • This year was the hottest July in living memory.
  • The region is suffering from the longest drought in living memory.

Word formations

noun: remembering, remembering
Adjectives: memoryless

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