Is Bono a good singer

U2's Bono is known as a casino player, benefactor, and tax evader

Paul David Hewson, better known as Bono, is the solo musician and front singer of the band U2 and one of the world's most famous and richest musicians. The Rolling Stones magazine named Bono 32nd of the best singers. The singer became known through an aftershow by Prince in Dublin. With numerous hits such as “In a Lifestime”, “I've Got You Under My Skin” and “Stranded”, the star musician was able to achieve an estimated private fortune of over 600 million euros and international fame. That is of course a considerable sum and some people naturally wonder what to do with so much money.

Fast cars, exciting casino evenings at the slot machine, large houses and luxurious vacations are certainly also part of Bono and you can't really blame him for it. Because who doesn't dream of a big house or a luxury vacation? Paul David (aka Bono) has gone far beyond that and is known internationally for his charity and social commitment. He is particularly active in the fight against AIDS and the fight for debt relief for third world countries.

What other good things did Bono do?

In 1992, for example, Bono stood up for the people in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, who were trapped in the civil war, and in 1992 had his concert broadcast from London to this city by satellite. The singer expressed his commitment to debt relief in third world countries and the fight against AIDS by founding the organization DATA (“Debts, AIDS, Trade in Africa”) - the billionaire couple, for example, were also involved in the founding Bill and Melinda Gates.

To list all of Bono's benefit concerts would go beyond the scope of this article - because there were countless and the singer is still active and sometimes even surprises with a spontaneous guest appearance, for example at the concert “Your voice against poverty”. There he unexpectedly came on stage and sang the song “Mensch” with Herbert Grönemeyer, in German! In particular, the topics already mentioned are obviously close to Bono's heart and it is very likely that he will invest time, energy and money in this area until the end of his days.

So is Bono a do-gooder?

Despite the many positive stories about Bono and his charitable activities, there is some criticism of his person. We don't want to hide this from you at this point, because after all you should get an authentic and complete picture of the musician and have the opportunity to form your own opinion.

Since the beginning of his career, Bono has been criticized for allowing himself to be abused by politicians to improve his image, because he repeatedly shows himself with them in public and shows a good face. The more dubious the global wellbeing of politicians, the greater and more justified this criticism is of course. For us, the question arises in any case, why one, as a politically active and people-loving person, has to be photographed with people like George W. Bush.

In addition, Bono is currently under massive criticism for deliberately channeling taxes past the tax authorities. By registering in the Netherlands, he only pays 1% tax there and thus does not contribute anything to general state life. It also became public that Bono is involved in a number of mailbox companies in Panama. And as if that weren't enough, one of his companies has been involved in an investigation by the Lithuanian tax authorities because a shopping center financed by this company is said to have purposefully incorrectly booked income and thus smuggled money by the tax.

Despite everything: great music

We are of the opinion that despite the many criticisms and the dubious hobby of casino gaming, Bono is still a terrific musician and this should not be ignored. After all, you can simply view music as a work of art regardless of the context, and that's where it really went. In addition, you really have to reward it when world stars use your fame for charity. Because hardly anyone else can reach so many people around the world and raise awareness and mobilize them for good causes. In any case, it would be great if more pop stars were aware of this responsibility and committed themselves accordingly - that's our opinion.

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October 4, 2020 // Hauke ​​Meyer

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